Windows 10 Preview, New Features and Download a copy


Microsoft’s New Windows 10 OS Microsoft has officially released the latest generation of Windows operating system called Windows 10, the upgrade from the existing Windows8.1 to Windows 10, the market has been rumored Microsoft will launch Windows 9 as replace the existing version of the operating system, but according to Microsoft, executive vice president, Windows

Audacity: How to edit audio files with free editing software Audacity


Audacity Audio editing Tutorial The audio editing is a commonly required for everyone in various situations. But  we  may not know how to edit audio files with open source softwares. It may  requires to edit existing audio files or record and edit files or adding / mixing  effects audio files. Lets see how to edit

Password Manager : Free tool to Save all Passwords at one place(Online)

Password Manager

Password Manager : To day I want to share an most important tip about our online Accounts and Passwords Management, Nowadays each one having at least 10 online accounts like email accounts, social media accounts, online shopping accounts, forum community accounts and many more. If you are not having all these at least you will

How to Edit PDF Files with and without Software


Easy ways to edit PDF files online and offline PDF or “Portable Document Format” is a independent file format and extension for the file is “.pdf”, it doesn’t comes with operating system.  It is originally developed by Adobe Systems in the early 90’s. The purpose of PDF files are distribution of the articles, eBooks, User

Internet Privacy : How to Encrypt all your activities on the Internet

Internet Privacy

Internet Privacy : Internet use is very common in every one’s life at the same time Internet Privacy is also very important matter in our general life, Every one using Internet in various areas like Business, Communication (Email & Audio, Video Chating), Online Services, Online Shopping, Banking & many more services. While using Internet for

How to avoid Facebook Block from Adding Friends


Does Facebook Blocked your account? Have ever face bad experience with Facebook? Many people says that “when they add new friends on Facebook, they are getting blocked. All these happening by sending too many friends requests to unknown people even without mutual friends. Facebook will treat it as spam. Twitter also treating same as Facebook.

Online Shopping : The Best 101 Online Shopping sites in India

Online Shopping

Online Shopping Sites in India For Kids, Men, Women and Jewellery Online Shopping is the best and easy way to buy the required products like Cloths, Home Appliances, Cosmetics, Books, Movie DVDs and Electronics & accessories with out leaving your home. No time waste, No traffic Jams and no stress for shopping. For information purpose

Transfer Your Friends Birthdays from Facebook into Google Calendar


Facebook Friends Birthdays to Google Calendar Facebook is the most used and largest social network, It offers lot of convenient features  like Instant messaging, Events, Photo Album ann Calender. Facebook Calender is holding birthdays of friends with notification of friends birthdays which is never forget to congratulate your dear people. But when it comes in

Always On Top : Keep your favorite Windows Always on Top

Always On Top

Always On Top is a Free App Always on Top will allows you to keep your favorite windows on top while working with multiple apps and windows. It is a free tool to keep windows on top of the all active windows. Just assume that your working with multiple windows like Internet Browsers, multimedia players

Google Alerts : 10 Best Alternatives to Google Alerts

Google Alerts

Alternatives  to Google Alerts What is Google Alerts? Google Alerts is a service from Google to track or notify the related topics, news, articles and any content around the web. It means Google Alerts will notify you feeds for particular words or parses which is entered. what ever the topics or articles published by online

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