20 tips to simplify your digital life

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How to simplify your digital life?

In the digital world, a large amount of redundant information. If you simplify your digital life, it will flood you in reality. Here are a few tips that will help you to simplify your digital life.

1. Use only two e-mail account.  How you email accounts? If the answer is greater than two, with the need to do something. You only need one personal and one work email email. Some have a separate email to the family, the other – for close friends, the third – to colleagues, the fourth – for friends of the Internet, etc. This leads to the fact that they spend a lot of time on their real-time protection. Choose one of the addresses and tell friends and relatives that only use this address, and simply discard the rest.

2. check email  once a day.  Depending on the characteristics of your work, you may need to frequently check your email. However, there is absolutely no reason to check their personal email more than once a day. Try to change your habits and routines so as to check personal e-mail once a day, preferably at the end of the day before going to bed. This also means that you should stop to check personal e-mail on your mobile.

3. Remove  unnecessary  programs.  deleted from the computer all the software you do not use. The less you have a program, the better. Some of the programs running in the background, even when you are not using them, attracting the CPU and memory. So leave only those programs that are in use, and delete the rest.

4. Cloud  –  your  assistant.  should not use the local hard drive for storing documents. Use cloud services. For personal documents, use Google Docs and Dropbox. As soon as you begin to systematically use Google Docs for all operations associated with the document, you get quick access to them from anywhere, and do not always tied to your computer.

5. use mobile phone only for calls.  Today constantly in their phones – send SMS, check email, instant messages, write on Twitter, watch videos, etc. Do not forget that there is also a real life with real people around you. Look away from his digital work, enjoy nature, enjoy socializing with family and friends. Use a mobile-only calls can be difficult for many. But try to do so at least a week, and you’ll see how much it will change your life .


Simplify Your Digital Life

6. Consolidate your accounts in social media.  you have an account in all possible social media, which only you meet? These sites will absorb your time. They are like a drug. If you are addicted, it is very difficult to give up, and they take all of your energy. If all of you for some reason have to use social networks, just select one of your favorite sites and spend it on more than a few minutes a day.

7. Use a task manager for the project.  you need a single course of action to stay organized. Use GTD to organize their projects and perform all its tasks. You have to do the work in a systematic way, and GTD – great task manager to help you with this.

8. Use  hot  combination  of keys.  Learn Hotkey applications that frequently use. Hot keys incredibly increase your productivity.

9. Clear  your  browser.  Your browser littered various plugins, additions and panels? Keep only the ones that are frequently used, and delete the rest. If you do not use any supplement for a few months, it is unlikely that you need it, so just delete it.

10.  Restrict  incoming  digital  information.  You really need to know every time someone updated his profile on a social network, follow you on Twitter, you send a message to Wall Feysbuke, puts the image on Picasa, etc. .? Be sure to tune their profiles on such sites so that you do not have a letter every time there is an action. If your friends always send you funny messages, links to funny videos or any chain letters, tell them politely that you are not interested, and ask them to stop sending you these letters. If you read the news with a ton of different online resources, select one reliable source of information and read the news there.

11.  Do not  use  instant  messaging.  Would you like it if you are on the job, all your friends would be sitting around you and distract from the cases? Probably not. And if so, why did you leave instant messages included, allowing your friends to distract you from work? If family or friends will be an urgent need to contact you, they can call you on your mobile. Disable instant messages when you are busy – a good start, but you should think about in order to completely stop using them.

12.  Tidy desktop of the computer.  Actually, you do not need all the shortcuts on the desktop. As many use your desktop as a place to temporarily store documents. You should keep order on your desktop. When you delete all the shortcuts from the desktop, learn a hot combination to run. Install a simple screensaver that would motivate you.

13.  Use  Manager  passwords.  Suppose you create yourself an account on many websites. Do not use the same username and password everywhere. Come up with a unique, strong password for each and use the software-based password manager (they work on Windows, Linux and Mac), to organize all the information about online accounts.

14.  Use  one  calendar.  Use multiple calendars for appointments can lead to confusion and diverse embarrassment. Use only one calendar to record their meetings.

15.  Turn off the digital world for one day a week.  You do not have to be related to the digital world of the time. Saturday-a beautiful day to disconnect from the digital world and spend time in communion with nature, friends and family. Do not check your email, do not sit on the internet, do not watch TV, etc. at least one day a week. It is certainly much to change the quality of your life. Try it and you will see the result.

16.  Remove the  old  documents.  Arrange a lot of mopping up in their electronic documents. Do you really need all these documents and programs on the project that you have worked a few years ago? Probably not. If you do not use any document in the last six months, just delete it. If it is difficult to decide to remove the old paper, and you think that it may need in the future, at least, write down all such documents to an external hard drive or DVD and delete them from your system. If you download software from the Internet, delete the original file after the installation. Boot files are large and take up unnecessary space on your hard drive. If you will need it later, you can always re-download them from the Internet.

17.  Systematically  point the  order.  Assign digital cleaning day (at least once a year) on your calendar, to remove all the old documents from your computer.

18.  Do not organize files and folders.  Organize your digital documents in multiple folders – it’s a waste of time and, in fact, not a necessity. Install Google desktop, which will provide quick access to the documents that you are looking for, rather than your usual organized folders. You can create a pair of top-level folders in your home directory, and drop all the files in these folders without creating multiple partitions. When you want to return to any document, use Google desktop, open it to find.

19.  Maintain cleanliness in your inbox.  your mailbox – not a place for all the read messages. Once you’ve read the email, immediately send it to the archive. When you archive an email, it is stored in the backup folder. If your program is not functional archive, create a folder called “Archive” and carry all read the letter in it. In your “Inbox” should contain only new, unread messages.

20.  Group together  their  electronic charge.  You do not go to the grocery store every time you need a single product. You combine multiple items in one list and try to go for groceries once a week. Use the same principle for all their electronic functions. One hour a week set aside everything else and you look your electronic responsibilities. These can include paying bills online, upload images and videos, letters to friends, backup, etc.

 Please read the above tips and try to follow them to simplify to your digital life.

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