AirDroid – Wi-Fi stick of Android smartphone


AirDroid for Android

Wireless technologies are firmly in our lives. Manufacturers are rarely ask us to connect the cable to your phone. Even charging become wireless. Despite the progress, to find high quality solution for wireless sync your phone with your computer is not easy. I chose AirDroid.

 AirDroid app lets you manage Android-device via a browser on a computer. It is sufficient to find the smart phone and computer in one Wi-Fi-network. No additional software, drivers etc. not required. AirDroid After starting the browser to your computer go to the page and put it generated by password. If the input numbers and letters the user does not want to mess around, see Authorization for QR-code. This method seemed to me the most convenient. Just bring the camera phones to the code on the screen and the connection will be automatically established.
For security-conscious able to create a secure connection to https. Once connected, the browser on the computer to run a special shell that resembles a normal desktop. Through it, you can get access to all the AirDroid: file system view, upload new files, installing and uninstalling applications, read and send SMS, manage contacts, ringtones, music and clipboard. Most importantly, of course, is to download the files. It is a file manager. With AirDroid files can be uploaded to a specific folder, to work with groups of files and delete existing documents from the file system smartphone. Booting with Wi-Fi takes a little time. One movie in DVD-quality moves to the smartphone for about five minutes. If rutirovan smartphone user, AirDroid allows remote screenshots. This is defined by a separate component of the Web shell. It displays in real time the current state of the desktop smartphone. Through Android-AirDroid also part of the application can perform a number of operations. For example, to view information about the smartphone, its file system, a list of running and installed applications. For wireless transfer files to Android-smartphone I have not found anything better AirDroid. This application allows you to quickly transfer the information to your device from your computer. It requires no configuration and works even on “guest” computer.

There are no restrictions on the amount transferred files. In this case, the program is available in the Play Store for free. AirDroid Download from the App Store Google can at this link .

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