Always On Top : Keep your favorite Windows Always on Top

Always On Top

Always On Top is a Free App

Always on Top will allows you to keep your favorite windows on top while working with multiple apps and windows. It is a free tool to keep windows on top of the all active windows.
Just assume that your working with multiple windows like Internet Browsers, multimedia players and other apps (Word or spread sheets). If you want to see Live IPL Cricket Match from a browser or watching a movies from a movie player (VLC & KM Players has Always on Top feature) or any required windows that you want to keep always visible on top. By default windows or any other app doesn’t build with the feature “Always on Top” except very few apps.

Always on Top

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Always on Top will allows you to keep any of your selected apps or windows on top. Once you make it Always on Top from the tool, It never go back or hide even if you open other window,  it will be visible and till you close or make invisible from Always on Top tool.
It will helps you in many ways for personal use or office use. If you want to keep Calc on top while working with spread sheet, word processor or any mail client app, then just use Always on Top to simplify your work. In another, if you want to keep a movie player, trading application, webcam or chat windows or any other windows that you wish to keep Always On Top, just use it. 100% useful tool for every one.

All these things will be simplified with simple tool that “Always On Top” which is developed with very simple single line code in AutoHotKey.

How to Use Always on Top tool ?

It is very simple to use with Keyboard Shortcuts “Ctrl+SPACE “. Download Always On Top and Extract It to desktop. click on AlwaysOnTop from your desktop, The tool will starts and stays at Windows Notification area. Open a window that you wish to keep Always visible on top and use short cut “Ctrl+SPACE”, That’s it the selected window will be visible while open other windows. If you don’t want to keep the window Always on Top, then use same short cut “Ctrl+SPACE” to make it normal.

Very useful shortcut “Win+D” to visit website for more information and download Always on Top tool.

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  1. Hari says:

    Very useful, I need this feature when I simultaneously work on two Windows to get the reference from the other. Thanks for sharing.
    Hari recently posted…Easy Ways to Display Gmail Unread Counter in Your SiteMy Profile

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