Android Apps:10 best apps that will make your phone better

Android Apps

10 Best Android Apps

Refresh your Android-device, adding a few new applications that make phone very nice. If you just got a new Android or just going to buy it, the 10 best Android Apps take place in it.


Swift Key


Swift Key will change the process of entering text on your Android.
program automatically determines which words you entered earlier – in text messages, email, chat, Twitter and other services – and, based on this, give valetudinarianism words, is something like the intellectual entry.

Mighty Text


Mighty Text synchronize your phone with your computer, allowing you to share text between PC and mobile device. This is very useful if you are using a  PC. Application works with Mac and Windows OS.  Mighty Text Price : $ 3.99 More Info at Mighty Text



SkyMotion is listed in best Android Apps, it is a popular weather app just like DarkSky which is popular app for iPhone.
SkyMotion allows you to know exactly when will the rain, or when it will end. Application uses GPS-functions in order to provide current forecasts not only in time but also in the area. SkyMotion Price : Free

Google Sky Map

Android Apps

Google Sky Map is the best solution for those who want to surprise your girlfriend or drugaznaniem names of stars in the night sky.
Sky Map – a free offer from search giant, which is a very prostoyv use tool astrologer. Simply run the application, point your phone at stars to explore the stars and planets. Google Sky Map Price : free

Rayman Jungle Run

Android Apps

Replay classic game Rayman regard to Android-devices. 
Rayman Jungle Run – it’s a beautiful game. Amazing graphics, a variety of levels ivelikolepny soundtrack Rayman Jungle Run Price: free 

Field Trip

Android Apps

Program Field Trip (tour) will help you to discover the world around us.
Application Field Trip in the background. When you get close to some attractions, it will note with details of Local Attractions. No action on the part of the host device is not required. If you have headset, the information can be read by the application aloud.
Attractions in the application are divided into the following categories: architecture, historiographer and events, lifestyle, promotions and special offers, food and entertainment (Food Drinks & Fun, Movie Location) s, art in the open air and interesting places around you.                                       Field Trip Price : Price: $ 2.99

Weather Eye

Android Apps

Weather Eye program is both an application and widget. In this mode, the widget “weatherman” on your Android Device translates reduced forecast. This is simple, easy to use, but a great app. Weather Eye Price: Free

Apex Launcher

Android Apps

Apex Launcher is a fast, powerful and configurable launch your Android home screen.
Apex allows you to configure up to nine different pages. In addition, users can customize panels containing up to 7 icons on each page.
Apex is one of the best and easiest programs in this category. Apex Launcher Price : Free


Android Apps

If you use a torrent and you have Android, you definitely need uTorrent
program uTorrent for Android allows you to upload torrent files directly share to mobile device. This application allows you to subscribe to the RSS-feeds, play content, and more. And most importantly – there are no restrictions on speed and file to upload.  uTorrent Price : Free


Android Apps

Scoremobile – this is a great companion in the sport. The application offers a fast interface, notification in real time, and a fully customizable profile subtitle “My account (the result).”
ScoreMobile Price : Free

If you use all the above 10 Best Android Apps on your mobile, then it will be a source of information for you.

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