Asus N300 RT-N12HP WiFi Router with HiFi range

Asus WiFi Router

Asus N300 RT-N12HP WiFi Router

Asus has recently launched the Wi-Fi router RT-N12HP compatible with 802.11n N300 (maximum bandwidth of 300Mbps). A special feature of this design is that Asus has integrated its two very long antenna for wave receiving level is 9 dBi (decibel isotropic, the unit of measurement of the energy difference increased levels of certain antenna than isotropic antenna radiation) and a separate power amplifier. Thus, the router’s Wi-Fi coverage is expanded to three times the normal router antenna system which uses DBI index is 2, and hence stability increased.

WIFi Router

Asus Wi-Fi router N300 RT-N12HP


In addition to the ability to make a Wi-Fi router, RT-N12HP also can be used as access point and range extender . Users can switch between modes with a simple operation only on specialized software. Asus adds that RT-N12HP support up to four separate SSIDs, which means you will see the name of the 4 by the same Wi-Fi network devices emit. It has the ability to allocate bandwidth, so network administrators can control access and set a bandwidth limit for each network. Among the users can set the SSID Guest SSID for guests to play still usable but limited Wi-Fi access to a predefined number of your device. Regret that RT-N12HP only be run on a single 2.4 GHz band only. Device supports WPS, 4 Ethernet ports, one port to the Internet, UPnP. Asus has not disclosed the price and date of sale products.

Asus-N300-RT-N12HP-WiFi Router

Asus-N300-RT-N12HP-WiFi Router Long Antenna


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