How to avoid Facebook Block from Adding Friends


Does Facebook Blocked your account?

Have ever face bad experience with Facebook?

Many people says that “when they add new friends on Facebook, they are getting blocked. All these happening by sending too many friends requests to unknown people even without mutual friends. Facebook will treat it as spam. Twitter also treating same as Facebook.

Facebook Tips : How to avoid punishment by adding Facebook Friends.

Do not send Friendship requests to each user profile whose you seen. Facebook will lock you easily if there is no mutual friends to the user.


Unfamiliar users will send friend requests to unknown. Also do not send many friend requests to same user if no response. wait some time if not responding for long time just cancel the request.

If you want to make friendship with stranger, send a text message to the user and make some conversation then send request to get accept and avoid Facobook punishment.

Sending text messages to unknown people is considered as spam. Then Facebook block the function also block friend request function. Still you can use the Facebook but dont send again Messages and Friend requests, If you do the same again your ban time may get increase for few days some times it may be 30 days. this applies for other features also.

You may get block that the option called “Conform Friend request” to avoid this Do not respond for all the request and dont accept strangers as friends they may be spammers or Bots some marketers. Facebook is very strict and secure. there are many spammers, bots to market and get popularity on the Internet. if you offer them in your friend list, they may dump the data and messages on your wall. so dont accept strangers friend request.

Use the Social Networks in genuine way to avoid punishment from them. If you really do some thing morethan useal try with a dummy account and test it for some time then apply on your regular account. Your account will be safe from ban.

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