The Best WordPress Plugins in 2012

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Word Press is the CMS which is having thousands of Best WordPress Plugins or modules (external) made by developers worldwide. Its a remainder for Webmasters who are using Word Press for their website or blog  The most useful & successful Word Press plugins in 2012

1. W3 Total Cache – W3 Total Cache is one of the best plugin for WordPress. This makes your Website load very faster and since it will store the static version of your website. It consumes less CPU processing than using Word Press all by itself. It has the best rating than all other caching plugins.

2. WP-DBManager –This plug-in helps you to backup your entire DB of Website. It has lot more features to get the Database backup & also it will send you a copy of backup which is backed up.

3. Gravity Forms – This is the most commonly used Plug-in for Contact form. It has all features. This form allows images, media uploads, creates posts, allows conditional logic, and so much more. It fullfils the all requirements by the Website owners.

4. SEO Smart Links – Ho many interlinks you made for your website? ….? Linking to other article in your site is great idea to get page ranking. This plugin will makes inter links for your other articles based on keywords.

5. Thank Me Later – This is the communication plug-in for your website commenters, It sends an email to all first-time visitors. You can send the mail to your visitors as a remainder and also you can invite visitors to connect with you

6. WordPress Editorial Calendar –This Plug-in provides a crisp and clean Editorial calendar for Posts that includes Present & past. Simple drag and drop feature for move the articles from on date to another date, This is an flexible organizational Plug-in.

7. MaxBlog Press Affiliate Ninja – This plugin is fantastic as it massively cuts down on the amount of time it takes to promote affiliate products throughout your site. It converts keywords that you identify, tracks clicks, and much more. You don’t need to keep chasing down your affiliate links when they’re all stored in your Word Press dashboard.

8. WP-PageNavi – This plug-in will help you to navigate the entire Word press posts. While browsing blog or Website user can select the particular page to access it. It is better than “Older posts” and “Newer posts”.

9. Feedburner Circulation – Feedburner is the mandatory for any website. it won’t show how many user are subscribed, Feedburner Circulation plug-in will count your subscribers & it will make a display widget to right side of your website . simply you can see how many subscribers are there for your website.

10. Share This : This Plug-in Adds links to share posts via Email, Stumble Upon, Digg, Face book, Twitter and more around hundred, It’s a great simple, small and efficient plug-in which doesn’t use JavaScript or flash.

11. Widget Context –Widget context a simple plug-in will help you to customize your widgets for different pages, you can select which widget you want in which page. Also you can create different sidebars for different sections & pages. This plug in is not updating since 2 years but worthful.

12. Pop Up Domination – This is the absolutely great WP plugin in existence today for capturing leads. It’s made with different themes and options for match with any theme, It looks like made with your site only. And there is no competition for pop Up Domination plug in as it a great plug-in for Websites. Instead of this you can use Displet Pop Also.

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