CAPTCHA means  “Completely Automated Public Turing Test To Tell Computers and Humans Apart” and it was started in 2000 by Nicholas Hopper, Luis von Ahn, ,Manuel Blum and John Langford from Carnegie Mellon University.

The main use of CAPTCHA is it can protect and save the Websites, Blogs  from the automated internet bots, Internet bots are nothing but a program or application that can run with out human interaction. The major companies like Google, Yahoo, Microsoft offering free email services, Few years ago these companies suffered from spammers, what spammers did is “created thousands of email ids in a minute with automated programs, To avoid this kind of spamming attacks

CAPTCHA is an image which includes alpha and numeric combination, It looks like text but not text, any automated program can understand it as image, it can’t read what is on Image, but human only can understand what is on that image.
so, automated programs can’t attack on the websites.


CAPTCHA Entry can save the websites in verious areas.

1. Preventing spam comments

2. Preventing Website Registration

3. Online Pools

4. Protecting Dictionary Attacks

5. Search Engine Bots :Worms and Spam

There is a chance to do all the above things by automated programs, this can cause utilization of bandwidth, heavy traffic on webservers, Security attacks, some times spammers can enter in to valuable Database to grab the information. Now every one using CAPTCHA to prevent the above said possibilities.

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CAPTCHA Entry Work Process :

CAPTCHA Entry work is very simple and easy DATA entry Work From Home for Students, Housewifes, Job Holders and every one who can spare some time to earn extra income.

If you are interested earn extra income by Work From Home, You need to Buy Software and Authorized Login IDs to work with respective CAPTCHA Entry servers.

After receiving the payment we will send you Software and Authorized Login IDs to your Communication E-Mail ID to start CAPTCHA Entry Work.

Once you got the software and Login IDs you can start your work. While starting CAPTCHA Entry work we will Guide and observe your performance for a week and we will guide you to get better income.

CAPTCHA Entry Work availability is 24/7.

If you have good typing speed you will get more income from home in your spare time.

If you don’t have enough typing speed, Don’t Worry, we will guide you to increase Typing speed and your Income will be in smart way. So Start CAPTCHA Entry Work From your Home Today and earn lifetime income.

CAPTCHA Entry Work Payment Process :

Weekly Payment and We will transfer payment to your bank account directly(Online Transfer).

Depending on the CAPTCHA Entry Work servers you will get payment Weekly to your Bank Account which is given by you while registering with us. (Monday to Monday or Friday to Friday)

You must earn minimum pay out amount based on servers to get Payment.

Note : We transfer payment to All Indian Banks (Only in Indian Currency) and Payment process under RBI Guide Lines.

Share CAPTCHA Entry Work From Home with Your Friends

CAPTCHA Entry Work Guidelines :

To work with us you need to have minimum requirements are :

  1. Computer (Basic configuration)
  2.  Internet (Min 256kbps speed)
  3.  Typing speed 15 WPM (If you start data entry you can increase          speed in 7-10 days you will get better typing speed)
  4.  If you are new to typing and you have interest to do CAPTCHA Entry Work from            home, we will guide you to reach enough typing speed to work. (Free Guidelines to increase typing speed.)

Once you conform that you have the above mentioned requirement and you are Interested to start CAPTCHA Entry Work to make money from your Home, then contact us to know more details.

Note : If you are interested to see the CAPTCHA Entry Work Demo you can visit our place or Online by prior communication.

Share CAPTCHA Entry Work From Home with Your Friends

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is CAPTCHA Entry Work?

CAPTCHA Entry work is a process to convert captcha images(Words) to text format to use for Websites.

2. Is this Genuine Work?

Yes, CAPTCHA Entry work is Genuine and payment process is very clear.

3. How long we can do CAPTCHA Entry Work?

As long as you can. This work never Stop or Hold until Internet getting Stop, Internet never End, so our Work also Never End. (Life Time Work and available for 24/7)

4. How much i have to invest for CAPTCHA Entry Work “Software & IDs”?

We have 3 Options :

01. Cost

02. Free (AdPost)

03.Free  (Refer)

We will discuss both Free and Cost based by Phone or Mail Communication. We will charge based on  our effort, Our service is very genuine and we will support you as long as you work.

5. How to contact to get CAPTCHA Entry Work?

Just simple, Fill the registration form and Submit it, then we will contact you for further details.

6. How much typing speed required to Work?

Better to have 15 WPM, If you are less than 15 WPM typist, with in a week or two you can reach enough typing speed with our guide lines  while working.

7. What is the minimum amount to get Pay?

It depending on Servers, some servers paying at 1$ and some are paying at 3$ (Payment will be based on Servers)

8.  Is there any account Suspension or Payment blocking?

Yes, Account never suspends until you type against to CAPTCHA Entry Work Servers Policy, If account is suspended,  lose is very little amount and it doesn’t happened always, any unpaid balance will be blocked, means we can’t get that unpaid amount if account blocked.

9. If my Account Blocked, Then?

If you really want to work you never make your account block, We are always positive, We will provide you another Login ID with free of cost to continue your Work and Income.

10. Do you have any other “Work From Home” Projects?

Yes, We have few type of works. Depending on your skills, you can choose them like Web designing, Multimedia, DATA Entry, Content Writing, But we mostly prefer CAPTCHA Entry Work.

If you don’t find what you want to ask, Write your Own Question about CAPTCHA Entry Work.

Share CAPTCHA Entry Work From Home with Your Friends

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