Get Email alerts by SMS on your Mobile

way2sms-Email-alerts-by-SMS on your mobile

Free Email alerts by SMS Now everyone using Email & cell phone, both are very important in real life. We can use Email for send & receive information only when you have internet access may be wired or Wi-Fi to the particular device (PC, Smartphone), but cell phone we can use more than an Internet range.

Convert Web Page to PDF in any browser


Convert Webpage to PDF with Free “Add-on” In this generation “Internet browsing” is become a part of life as it mandatory to do many things by online. Many people using internet for learning new things, to improve knowledge and to collect the information. While browsing internet you will find some great unique content on Web,

How to add Device frames to Mobile Screenshot

Easily add Device frames to Mobile Screenshot Everyone had a question that Mobile and other Android devices screenshot with device frame? Taking screenshot is easy with “Screenshot Free”, but the question is how to add physical device frame to the particular mobile screenshot. Just check it out. Get the screenshot of your mobile or Tablet

Samsung latest notebook “Samsung Series 9 Ultrabook”

Samsung Series 9 Ultrabook View Samsung has released a Samsung series 9 ultrabook prototype at IFA 2012; The Microsoft’s Windows based Samsung series 9 ultrabook competitors to the Apple MacBook Air. Samsung will attract more people than Apple with this Samsung series 9 ultrabook, the weight of the Samsung series 9 ultrabook is less than

Skip ads on Youtube while watching video

Well know video sharing website is YouTube, most of the people knows about it. Also every one knows Internet marketing, Ad network is the part of internet marketing, now a day’s maximum of website owners publishing ads along with their valuable content to get some income from it (no one work for none). Previously ads

Install WordPress on PC to check site before publishing live

Make WordPress blog on PC for testing and learning WordPress is the free & popular CMS (Content Management System), most of the website & Blogs may be personal or professional use hosted with Woedpress Power blogging Tools, the most people who want to update their blog or site frequently, they will use WordPress. WordPress blog

Computer Virus clean from your PC with Avira

Avira AntiVir Rescue System

Computer Virus Cleaning We all know very well Computer Virus and other forms of malware, Computer Virus can cause issues starting from irritating to ruinous. Some malware replicates itself till it fills up all out there area on your disc drive, turning your PC into a brick. Other forms corrupt information on your machine or

WordPress Theme Updated

WordPress Theme

DigitalWalt Theme has been updated, if face any problem with content placement on this site, please let us know by comment.          

Check your Website rendering time and improve it even better

Website Performance

  Website rendering :- Website rendering is the execution process of web programs, tools from web server to give the output for end user by web browsers. Every one eager/hungry to optimize the content of web site to search engines for search engine rank, for search engine rank Website rendering is also one of the

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