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20 tips to simplify your digital life

Digital Life

How to simplify your digital life? In the digital world, a large amount of redundant information. If you simplify your digital life, it will flood you in reality. Here are a few tips that will help you to simplify your digital life. 1. Use only two e-mail account.  How you email accounts? If the answer

How to download music tracks from Soundcloud

Download Music

Download music tracks from Soundcloud Soundcloud – one of the largest international service for musicians, designed primarily for storage and promotion of personal audio. Anyone can upload their songs to listen to and comment on the recordings of other users or communities of this site. However, not all the tracks that are on Soundcloud available

How to know email read or not by recipient

How to know email read

How to know email read or not Now you can easily find out when your email has been read by the recipient! No need to wait till get the response from them weather it is read or not. With this post you can make almost impossible – how long it takes to read your email.

How to speed up Windows XP

Windows XP

Speed up windows XP Probably, many faced with a situation where over time the operating system starts up longer and longer. The download speed depends on several factors: the capacity of the computer, file fragmentation on the disk, the load device drivers, the system registry, services, firewall, anti-virus applications from the startup. Some items will

Proxy Server – Work with a proxy server

Proxy Server

Proxy Server Fairly frequent times when it becomes necessary to use a proxy server. Very often, such a need arises from the webmaster. This happens due to the actions of the web-master, that is, spending some manipulation to optimize and promote the site, sometimes IP optimizer falls under a ban of a particular resource. After

Android – How to format or re-install Android

Android Logo

Android OS Re-Install With time the Android mobile device is slowing, the Android smartphone can start working not correct, often restart and poorly functioning. In particular this applies to devices running the operating system Android. To correct this problem, you need to format the Android device and removable memory. Instruction to Re-Install Android (Step by

QR CODE – What it is and what it does

QR Code

QR CODE New technologies are rapidly changing our lives, and not notice these changes impossible. A couple of years ago in our country about the QR code not heard, and the few companies that are aware of the existence of this system were afraid to use it in advertising. But time will put everything in

Mobile Virus – How to remove virus from mobile phone

Mobile Virus

Mobile Virus Cleaning (Step by Step) Modern mobile phones (smartphones) are subject to viruses as well as computers. To get to the mobile virus can with information taken from the Internet, via Bluetooth, SMS and MMS-messages. As a rule, the phone is locked, almost fails. In this case, the virus must be urgently removed. And

How to create your mobile site for free

Mobile Site

Creating Mobile site (Step by Step) Many mobile phones are free to support common Internet Protocol – HTML, but mobile WAP sites have not gone the distance. Create your mobile site can be anyone. How to start your mobile site creation? Step 1 : Visit the WAPEditor and free download program DotWap. This program helps

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