Transfer Your Friends Birthdays from Facebook into Google Calendar


Facebook Friends Birthdays to Google Calendar Facebook is the most used and largest social network, It offers lot of convenient features  like Instant messaging, Events, Photo Album ann Calender. Facebook Calender is holding birthdays of friends with notification of friends birthdays which is never forget to congratulate your dear people. But when it comes in

How to integrate Facebook and Twitter into Google Plus

integrate Facebook and Twitter into Google Plus

Integrate Facebook and Twitter into Google Plus Most of us having all the popular social networking sites like Google+, Facebook and Twitter accounts. all the time you are using three tabs for all your accounts while online. it is somewhat headache. to overcome this do you ever think that “Integrate Facebook and Twitter into Google

New options on Facebook (Update)


Facebook new Options A number of Facebook users noted the emergence of a new navigation bar that offers a search box next to the logo. Message and notify the network in this design are shifted to the right. Move search bar makes it more visible, and may indicate that the social network is going to

Keyboard shortcuts for Facebook use

Keyboard Shortcuts for Facebook

Keyboard shortcuts Who much and often in Face book on the road, are the quick keystrokes instead of the slow and click with an advantage. With the keyboard shortcuts for browsing on Face book is significantly shorter. Solution: Little known is that Face book can recognize and implement various keyboard shortcuts. The shortcuts are built

Facebook new bookmarking feature to save News and Feed items for future

Facebook News

Facebook new bookmarking feature to save News and Feed items for later viewing. Facebook is introducing a new option for users to save posts in mobile and desktop News Feed for later viewing Facebook new bookmarking feature not rolled out for all users, but those in the test can bookmark items by clicking “save” on

Telugu typing Software online is easy with out any Software & special keyboard skills

Telugu typing software :  Telugu script online is quite easy as you know English typing తెలుగు టైపింగ్ సులభంగా నేర్చుకోండి Why need Telugu Typing  Software :  If u have a blog or website that u need to post content in Telugu script(it supports any kind of  CMS WordPress, Joomla, Drupal etc..), other thing is people want

My First Post


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