Google Alerts : 10 Best Alternatives to Google Alerts

Google Alerts

Alternatives  to Google Alerts What is Google Alerts? Google Alerts is a service from Google to track or notify the related topics, news, articles and any content around the web. It means Google Alerts will notify you feeds for particular words or parses which is entered. what ever the topics or articles published by online

How to integrate Facebook and Twitter into Google Plus

integrate Facebook and Twitter into Google Plus

Integrate Facebook and Twitter into Google Plus Most of us having all the popular social networking sites like Google+, Facebook and Twitter accounts. all the time you are using three tabs for all your accounts while online. it is somewhat headache. to overcome this do you ever think that “Integrate Facebook and Twitter into Google

How to login Multiple Google Talk Accounts in single PC

Login Google Talk with Multiple Accounts Google Talk or Gtalk is well known and most common instant messenger, you can login to Google Talk with multiple accounts at one place with very simple way. As you know Google is offering many free services like Google Mail Gmail, Google Talk Messenger, Google Books and many more services.

Viral Videos -Top 5 viral videos of last week (26/11/12)

Viral Videos

Top 5 Viral Videos There was a new week and we are pleased to present a new collection of the most talked about videos. Instead of viewing people billions downloaded video, we select the top 5 viral videos of the week. What is Viral Video? Ans Here NBA star sing a Christmas song Carol of

Google pushes Android 4.2 for Nexus 7

Android Jelly Bean 4.2

Android 4.2 for Nexus 7 You have a Nexus 7 ? You will be pleased to know that version Android 4.2 for Nexus 7 is now available. Android 4.2 is considered a minor revision. However, it still offers some new features and improvements of the mobile operating system from Google.   November 13 is the

AirDroid – Wi-Fi stick of Android smartphone


AirDroid for Android Wireless technologies are firmly in our lives. Manufacturers are rarely ask us to connect the cable to your phone. Even charging become wireless. Despite the progress, to find high quality solution for wireless sync your phone with your computer is not easy. I chose AirDroid.  AirDroid app lets you manage Android-device via

Android Apps:10 best apps that will make your phone better

Android Apps

10 Best Android Apps Refresh your Android-device, adding a few new applications that make phone very nice. If you just got a new Android or just going to buy it, the 10 best Android Apps take place in it.   Swift Key Swift Key will change the process of entering text on your Android. program

Google has sold about 1 Million tablets Nexus 7 in the 3rd quarter

Google Logo

Google’s Nexus 7 According to the analyst, the company Google in the third quarter of this year is likely to sell between 800 thousand to 1 million of its tablet Nexus 7 worldwide.   This conclusion Gene Munster (Gene Munster), an authoritative analyst firm Piper Jaffray, made on the basis of the financial statements of

Gmail indexes the text in your attachments

gmail logo

Gmail Index (Update) Google has integrated a new feature extremely useful search engine Gmail . The content of email attachments in Gmail is now indexed. This means that you can do a keyword search in PDF documents, Word and PowerPoint attachments is in your account.   Gmail Search Gmail has always provided advanced search operators,

Android – How to format or re-install Android

Android Logo

Android OS Re-Install With time the Android mobile device is slowing, the Android smartphone can start working not correct, often restart and poorly functioning. In particular this applies to devices running the operating system Android. To correct this problem, you need to format the Android device and removable memory. Instruction to Re-Install Android (Step by

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