how to change twitter background / custom background

How to change Twitter background

Custom background for Twitter page Learn how to change or modify Twitter page with custom background in few clicks, It is very simple and easy to change Twitter background for your profile page. And i would recommend you to change your Profile Page based on your profession. Let’s see how to change Twitter background ? Have

Viral Videos -Top 5 viral videos of last week (26/11/12)

Viral Videos

Top 5 Viral Videos There was a new week and we are pleased to present a new collection of the most talked about videos. Instead of viewing people billions downloaded video, we select the top 5 viral videos of the week. What is Viral Video? Ans Here NBA star sing a Christmas song Carol of

Google pushes Android 4.2 for Nexus 7

Android Jelly Bean 4.2

Android 4.2 for Nexus 7 You have a Nexus 7 ? You will be pleased to know that version Android 4.2 for Nexus 7 is now available. Android 4.2 is considered a minor revision. However, it still offers some new features and improvements of the mobile operating system from Google.   November 13 is the

Get traffic to your website free with Pinterest

get traffic to your website free

How to use Pinterest to get traffic to your website free Pinterest exploded as social networks. More of my friends ask me, invitations to the site. If you have not joined to the most interesting of the new social network for 2012, you can do it after registration here or else you can use your Facebook

Internet Explorer 10 – Released preview for Windows 7

Internet Explorer 10

Internet Explorer 10 Preview Internet Explorer 10 has remained an exclusive application for Windows 8 with the first beta version of the system. After the release of “Eight» Microsoft decided to remove the status of exclusivity with Internet Explorer 10 and port it to Windows 7. Official release of the browser has not taken place,

AirDroid – Wi-Fi stick of Android smartphone


AirDroid for Android Wireless technologies are firmly in our lives. Manufacturers are rarely ask us to connect the cable to your phone. Even charging become wireless. Despite the progress, to find high quality solution for wireless sync your phone with your computer is not easy. I chose AirDroid.  AirDroid app lets you manage Android-device via

WordPress Related Posts (thumbnails) – 5 Best Plugins

WordPress Related Posts

WordPress Related Posts WordPress Related Posts : If you want users to stay and spend more time on your site, can help in this list connected (similar) posts after the article. As a rule, they are selected related subjects, so with a certain probability that a user can go to other blog articles (rightly, of

Skype for Windows 8 Microsoft introduced inbuilt App

Record Skype Conversation

Skype for Windows 8 Skype for Windows 8 is ready (at least in the video it looks very realistic.) Microsoft promises that it will be available on October 26 with the release of Windows 8. Nothing much has changed in Skype, except, of course, the interface. It’s made for tablets and fingertip control. But more

Android Apps:10 best apps that will make your phone better

Android Apps

10 Best Android Apps Refresh your Android-device, adding a few new applications that make phone very nice. If you just got a new Android or just going to buy it, the 10 best Android Apps take place in it.   Swift Key Swift Key will change the process of entering text on your Android. program

How to speed up Windows XP

Windows XP

Speed up windows XP Probably, many faced with a situation where over time the operating system starts up longer and longer. The download speed depends on several factors: the capacity of the computer, file fragmentation on the disk, the load device drivers, the system registry, services, firewall, anti-virus applications from the startup. Some items will

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