How to Configure Gmail in Windows 8

Windows 8 with Gmail

Configure Gmail in Windows 8 After the release of Windows 8 RTM, we have considered a number of useful articles about Windows 8 major programs and how you can use them in their daily lives. To ease things, we have already discussed how to add video and song in Windows 8 applications music and video,

SkyDrive : Official SkyDrive App for Android

SkyDrive for Android

SkyDrive From Microsoft for Android Following the recent changes in online SkyDrive, giving it a modern Windows 8 looks Microsoft has finally released the long-awaited official Android app for the same. Although we have considered many ways in which you could get access to SkyDrive files with Android, the official application always has its own

iPad features Seven which not everyone knows

Apple iPad

iPad features The iPad features for which everyone loved, but that can be interest those iPad features which few know. Despite the fact that the iPad fatures, in principle, an intuitive device, yet it conceals the features that go unnoticed by many users. 1. Touch screen Keyboard The touch screen keyboard on the iPad can be

How to record Skype conversations (Video&Audio Calls)

Record Skype Conversation

Record Skype Conversations Skype – perhaps the most widely used program for voice chat, conference, conducting telephone interviews and round table discussions. No matter for what purpose you use this program from time to time you may want to record Skype conversation.With all the diversity protocol instant messaging and voice of placer IM client, Skype stands

Microsoft Products : 10 best products of Microsoft

Microsoft new Logo, Micorsoft Products

Microsoft Products Everyone familiar with Microsoft Products at least one because Microsoft Products are very user friendly to understand. It seems that Microsoft has never stopped to rest. software giant is constantly criticized, but if it were not for Microsoft, our life would not be the way it is with us – with modern computers,

Internet Explorer 9 useful tips and tricks (7 Tips)


Internet Explorer 9 Tips Technological sites write a lot about how to simplify the work with Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, so that those who use a web browser from Microsoft, feel a little left out. The latest version of Internet Explorer 9, without a doubt, the best of the entire range of browsers Internet

Google Drive Tips : 7 useful tips for Google Drive

Google Drive Tips

Google Drive Tips Google Drive is a great service, but the application and synchronize some files – this is only the first step in working with this cloud service. Google Drive Tips collected by DigitalWalt will help you take full advantage of Google Drive, both on the desktop and on the Internet. Many of these

Apple does officially launch iPhone 5 and iOS 6

Apple iphone 5 iOS 6

Apple iPhone 5 and iOS 6 The new iPhone 5 is thinner and lighter than its predecessors. The larger Retina display with 4 inches works as before with 326 dpi and offers a resolution of 1,136 x 640 pixels. The iPhone 5 is the same with iOS 6th The wait is over – and the

Keyboard shortcuts for Facebook use

Keyboard Shortcuts for Facebook

Keyboard shortcuts Who much and often in Face book on the road, are the quick keystrokes instead of the slow and click with an advantage. With the keyboard shortcuts for browsing on Face book is significantly shorter. Solution: Little known is that Face book can recognize and implement various keyboard shortcuts. The shortcuts are built

Top iPhone Apps for College Students-Ten Apps

Top iPhone Apps for College Students

Top iPhone Apps for College Students At the beginning of the school year reminding our readers some of the applications that can be used in studies 1. The Chemical Touch This application, which was a touch periodic table of elements, will help to make lessons more interactive chemistry. Choose a different chemical elements to learn

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