Skype for Windows 8 Microsoft introduced inbuilt App

Record Skype Conversation

Skype for Windows 8 Skype for Windows 8 is ready (at least in the video it looks very realistic.) Microsoft promises that it will be available on October 26 with the release of Windows 8. Nothing much has changed in Skype, except, of course, the interface. It’s made for tablets and fingertip control. But more

Android Apps:10 best apps that will make your phone better

Android Apps

10 Best Android Apps Refresh your Android-device, adding a few new applications that make phone very nice. If you just got a new Android or just going to buy it, the 10 best Android Apps take place in it.   Swift Key Swift Key will change the process of entering text on your Android. program

Asus N300 RT-N12HP WiFi Router with HiFi range

Asus WiFi Router

Asus N300 RT-N12HP WiFi Router Asus has recently launched the Wi-Fi router RT-N12HP compatible with 802.11n N300 (maximum bandwidth of 300Mbps). A special feature of this design is that Asus has integrated its two very long antenna for wave receiving level is 9 dBi (decibel isotropic, the unit of measurement of the energy difference increased

Kindle Fire HD 7 inch tablet review


Amazon Kindle Fire HD Kindle Fire HD has a slim design combined with beautiful screen. Equipped with the Android 4.0 operating system to customize different. Although the company specializes in manufacturing electronic reading devices and just jump into the tablet field in less than a year ago, Amazon is one of the pioneers of the

How to speed up Windows XP

Windows XP

Speed up windows XP Probably, many faced with a situation where over time the operating system starts up longer and longer. The download speed depends on several factors: the capacity of the computer, file fragmentation on the disk, the load device drivers, the system registry, services, firewall, anti-virus applications from the startup. Some items will

iBookstore : Apple’s new Bookstore


Apple is preparing a new version of the iBookstore According to Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple, at this point in the online store of Apple iBookstore books available 1.5 million e-books. Members only downloaded 400 million books. Download iBooks App from Apple According to the Apple, iBookstore will soon get some new items. In

Whispercast allows Amazon to send content to the Kindle


Whispercast for Amazon Kindle New service company called Whispercast lets you send content to the device Kindle. The service is intended primarily for educational institutions. With this service, such organizations can distribute to their readers and tablets students electronic textbooks. Educational administrators will be able to buy through the service Whispercast relevant content and send

Google has sold about 1 Million tablets Nexus 7 in the 3rd quarter

Google Logo

Google’s Nexus 7 According to the analyst, the company Google in the third quarter of this year is likely to sell between 800 thousand to 1 million of its tablet Nexus 7 worldwide.   This conclusion Gene Munster (Gene Munster), an authoritative analyst firm Piper Jaffray, made on the basis of the financial statements of

Windows Phone 8 will be released October 29

Windows Phone 8

Windows Phone 8 Release Microsoft said on October 29 in San Francisco (Usa) held an event devoted to the output of the OS to Windows Phone 8 phones. The basis for the latest smartphones, the same principal applies the technology found in Windows 8 for personal computers: it touches the network connectivity, security, file system,

Dropbox : How to enable two-step verification

Dropbox Logo

Dropbox enables Two step Verification Validation finally arrives at Dropbox. Once in place, this system forces you to use a temporary password sent to your mobile phone or smartphone in addition to your password. You must use both codes to access your account. It is possible to add validation in two stages over several web

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