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Convert Webpage to PDF with Free “Add-on”

In this generation “Internet browsing” is become a part of life as it mandatory to do many things by online. Many people using internet for learning new things, to improve knowledge and to collect the information. While browsing internet you will find some great unique content on Web, if you want the same content in future you need to bookmark the webpage or need to copy URL in document, or you need to save it as html page. There is no guarantee that you will get the same content or webpage in future with these things. One more thing is copy content & paste in a word document, it won’t give you proper page & text alignment to read or print. So the best way is converting “web page to pdf”.

How to Convert Webpage to PDF?

Converting Web page to pdf is very simple and no need to install any licensed Application to do this. You can convert web page to pdf online by installing simple “PDF Download Add-On” , with this add-on you can convert web page to pdf & you can keep it in your Mail box for future reference.

How to add web page to pdf “add-on” to a browser?

Convert Webpage to PDF

Internet Explorer:  You can add this add-on in IE open the URL & click on IE Image based link, soon you will get a .msi downloadable file, just run it, it will add to IE.

Mozilla Firefox: in Firefox open the URL & click on Firefox Image based link, press “+ Add to Firefox” button then press “install” on the appeared installation window. Restart the Firefox.

Google Chrome: in Chrome open the URL & click on Chrome Image based link and drag the button “Save Page as PDF” in to Chrome’s bookmarks toolbar for the respective page.

Convert web pages into pdf doc & download it

To save your favorite webpage as PDF doc, click on “pdf download” add-on from your browser’s tool bar, click on “Save web page as PDF”, web page wil open in new tab, just enter your valid E-Mail ID & press “Convert to PDF”  soon you will get the converted pdf document which you choose to convert. You can download it from your Mail box & keep it in mail for future.

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