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Dropbox enables Two step Verification

Validation finally arrives at Dropbox. Once in place, this system forces you to use a temporary password sent to your mobile phone or smartphone in addition to your password. You must use both codes to access your account. It is possible to add validation in two stages over several web services such as Google , Facebook and WordPress . In addition, if you are looking for a storage service web files extremely safe, I suggest you take a look at the side of SpiderOak .

To enable two-step verification, you must download the beta version of Dropbox. The official version should be available within a few days.
Here’s how to enable two-step verification on Dropbox.

Visit Dropbox.com and login.
Download Dropbox Client Beta (1.5.12): Windows , Mac OSX , Linux x86_64 or x86 Linux
Dropbox.com to your account, select the Security tab or click here .Dropbox-Two-Step-Authentication

At the bottom of this page you will find a menu that is called Two-step verification. Click Change to enable two-step verification.
Dropbox gives you two choices. You can use a code that will be sent by SMS to your mobile phone. You can also choose to use an application like Google Authenticator . This application is compatible with Android smartphones, iPhone and BlackBerry. Personally, I prefer to use Google Authenticator. This solution works even if your device is in offline mode.
If you choose to use Google Authenticator , install the application before continuing.

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On your smartphone, open Google Authenticator and press the + button that appears at the bottom of the window.
Scan the QR code that appears on the screen. It allows you to add your Dropbox account to Google Authenticator.
To complete the activation of the two-step verification, enter the code that appears on Google Authenticator.
Dropbox code displayed on the screen of your computer. Save this code, you will be required if you lose your phone.

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