Facebook new bookmarking feature to save News and Feed items for future

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Facebook new bookmarking feature to save News and Feed items for later viewing.
Facebook is introducing a new option for users to save posts in mobile and desktop News Feed for later viewing

Facebook new bookmarking feature not rolled out for all users, but those in the test can bookmark items by clicking “save” on desktop and tapping and holding a story on iOS. If Facebook introduces this to all users, pages could see additional engagement on their posts, especially posts that include links or videos. Often times when users scroll through their feed, they don’t have the time or aren’t in the right environment to read a longer article or watch a video.

Previously there was no easy, native way to bookmark these items for later, so pages were likely missing opportunities for fans to view and share their content.

We haven’t been able to test the feature for ourselves, but it seems that it will allow users to save stories on either mobile or desktop and then view them from another device by accessing the Saved feed from the Favorites panel on the left of News Feed.
Facebook recently hired the team behind Spool, a social bookmarking service that makes web content available for offline viewing on mobile devices, but this new feature is likely unrelated to that deal because saved posts are not optimized for offline viewing.

Note : Facebook have now confirmed that the feature is also coming to the desktop version of Facebook. A ‘save’ button will feature beneath every update, and clicking it will send the article to a ‘saved’ subfolder inside your favorites.

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