First-Generation iPhone is equipped with Google Maps

Apple iOS Maps

Google Maps in iPhone’s iOS

According to an article recently published in the NYTimes said, in 2007, that the time of the first-generation iPhone launch, Apple did not have any intention to equip the map ( Maps ) for iPhone . At the introduction of the iPhone, Steve Jobs Maps show but it only added a few weeks ago that and 2 Apple engineers had to work hard during the three weeks to integrate Maps on the iPhone. Jobs wants Maps to show the multi-touch features on your iPhone. A former Apple employee said. Just a few weeks before the iPhone officially launched, the new Apple rushing to conduct negotiations with Google to put Google Maps on the iPhone. And Eric Schmidt, Google’s CEO at the time, at the company’s management board. The CEO of a rival company (Google acquired Android from the previous two years) in the internal affairs of the company to be a serious mistake of Steve Jobs during his period in office. A year later ( 2008), Google began to develop features similar to the iPhone and to Android. Steve Jobs personally drove to Google for headquarters and shouted with the founders of the company, including Larry Page, Sergey Brin and Andy Rubin, head of Android development at the time, and tell them not to iPhone copy. Until iOS 6 Apple did not use the Google Maps map data again instead of other data sources. But the new map does not work efficiently and raises a lot of complaints from users. Not know whether in the future, the two companies continue to work together to put Google Maps on the iPhone or not. But it is interesting to know that one of the best software on the iPhone almost little bit more was not present and are widely used to this day.

demonstration clip Steve Jobs iPhone in 2007

So, Google Maps all ready got success, let’s see how Steve Jobs Maps will success.

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