Free Online Storage up to 50 GB from Mediafire

Free Online Storage

Mediafire’s 50 GB free online storage

MediaFire is one of the biggest free online storage and it provides file sharing/ file hosting service. It is liked by online visitors or users who downloaded files from it since it doesn’t force users to through variant hoops – like by artificial means restricted the transfer information measure or solely permitting one file transfer during a sure time-frame – before downloads will be started on the Website.

Now MediaFire providing 50 GB of free online storage for all free account users. What exceptional is using with these free account is that the Download bandwidth and multiple downloads don’t seem to be restricted. MediaFire The most file size for free account users is 200 Megabytes that ought to be massive enough for any file formats like videos, docs, mp3 etc. 15 one-time links per day that you simply will share, and general folder and file sharing. MediaFire’s service is not a online file sync service like Dropbox, which suggests that you simply ought to choose the files and folders that you simply need to transfer to the servers manually. You can transfer large files in 2 ways one is web interface & other one is MediaFire Express Client software which is available on Mac and Ubuntu UNIX operating systems.

Free account users should remember one important thing that is the free account holder data may be deleted if account is inactive for certain time. What this suggests is that files and folders stay within the account for as long because it is active. In step with MediaFire, the standard time is anyplace between 150 days to 300 days before an account is marked as inactive. Users receive emails 5 days before that is happening to tell them of the results.

Paid users gets more extraordinary options. The paid account users will get 250 GB online storage without any restrictions only at $9/Month , a most file size limit of 4 GB, Account never expire if you renew your paid account regularly & paid account users can use ad free service, backups, statics and host of many features. If you are looking for huge storage online, don’t required files sync from your desktop, and then MF is providing could give you with what you wish during this regard.

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