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Free Email alerts by SMS

Now everyone using Email & cell phone, both are very important in real life. We can use Email for send & receive information only when you have internet access may be wired or Wi-Fi to the particular device (PC, Smartphone), but cell phone we can use more than an Internet range. Most of our surroundings we will get cell phone network.

So, somebody has to send a mail that very important mail to you. But you don’t know whether you got a mail or not until you open your mail and check your Inbox, if you don’t get that mail again you have to check your mail after some time and again until you receive your awaited Email. All these are become stupid things when you wait long time for a mail.

To overcome this we have a solution that “ Email alerts by SMS on your Mobile ”

Today we will concentrate on “ How to get Email alerts by SMS ”

You have to have a account with way2sms to get Email alerts by SMS on your mobile along with your E-Mail ID.

Your email id may be anything Google Mail, Yahoo Mail, Hotmail; you will get Email alerts by SMS

If you have Gmail account, just create account with way2sms to set up Email alerts to your mobile.

Just assume that you have Gmail & way2sms accounts, to set up Email alerts by SMS login to your way2sms account & click on “Mail Alert”, in Mail alert tab you can see “Forward your Mails to :” & Mail alert status, activate the status and copy the email address following by “” and open your Gmail account, go to settings click on “Forwarding and POP/IMAP” again click on “add a forwarding address” tab & paste the copied address from way2sms site click “next” then click “proceed” in the same window. Very soon you will get conformation code in your way2sms inbox, go to way2sms Mail alert inbox, and copy the conformation code and paste it in the conformation code box in Gmail’s “Forwarding and POP/IMAP” tab then verify it. Now your mail forwarding service will be enabled, click on (radio button) “Forward a copy of incoming mail to “and save setting.

That’s it, your successfully activated Email alerts by SMS service. Now onwards you will get Email alerts on your mobile instantly.

see the video tutorial to set up Email alerts by SMS with way2sms


The same way you can setup in Yahoo mail, Hotmail, Rediff mail and also your Company mails

Keep in mind that “Email alert service will not applicable for who is registered with DND service”


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