Get traffic to your website free with Pinterest

get traffic to your website free

How to use Pinterest to get traffic to your website free

Pinterest exploded as social networks. More of my friends ask me, invitations to the site. If you have not joined to the most interesting of the new social network for 2012, you can do it after registration here or else you can use your Facebook or Twitter account to enter into Pinterest. my self i used Facebook account.  If you have difficulties in any way indicate to our email address, and we invite you. This is all my experience which i am following since starting my blog. I really got some traffic from it and i am spreading the tip to the real bloggers.

How to get traffic to your website free?

Why so much interest, you ask? It is very simple, Social media to promote the exchange of information for consumers. On Facebook, to post pictures, messages, videos. They love, and then to share with our friends. The same goes for Twitter, Foursquare, Google +. All of this gets to the Internet, and we like it, is shared with our friends on social networks. And enjoy the attention.

Anyone makes Printerest popular? Ease of exchange. Grouping and visual presentation. Send a link and it turns into a picture. Displayed on the “dashboard”, and anyone whose attention and attract press this picture, is directed to the source. Simple and easy. And customers appreciate very well. But there is something that will be useful. This is something that you can get traffic to your website free with Pinterest to your site.

Let’s see how to get traffic to your website free .

Go to Pinterest Site Log in to Facebook CE or twitter to your Printerest. This will allow you to share your Pinterest of these social networks. Also show you friends of those networks that are already using Pinterest.

get traffic to your website free

Pinterest Login Options

Create Board : Each user has a panel of “board” where the hook “pin” photos that you like. I recommend you start with a few panels, which will then increase in line with your interests. For example, a “Tech”, “News”, “Pics” … the options are many.

This article on Pinterest, and I want to drive traffic to the new social network to it. Specially created for her board is called SocialEvo. I added this photo “How to Use Pinterest”, which refers to the post, but i created only one Board that is “DigitalWalt’s Space”.

get traffic to your website free

Pinterest Board “DigitalWalt’s Space”

Here’s the process how to pin your Website:

Copy Direct link to the publication page you want to use. Make sure that this message is a picture that will be visible in Pinterest. Permalink links to the page and not the home page. Eg Permanent link to this article, which I use in this example.

1. visit and login.

2. Click Add, in the top right corner.

et traffic to your website free

Add link to Pinterest

3. Click Add Contact.

4. Permanent link to an article placed in the box and click Find images.(Above Image Step 2)

5.Sega You can add a description to create a board on which attach to contacts, or select an existing one. In this case, I choose SocialEvo. You can also share with Twitter and Facebook. If you have several images Posta, you can press the left or right arrows below the pictures to choose which you want to attach.

get traffic to your website free

Adding description to Pinterest Pin

6.  Press “Pin It” to Publish

7. It is ready for publication and will appear in the toolbar. And from there, who clicks on the image will be sent to your email on the site.

That’s it, you are done.

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