Google Drive and Picasa are combined now

Google Drive and Picasa

Google Drive shared storage with Picasa

Google Drive and Picasa : Google Drive shared storage capacity with Picasa, Google eliminating many other services, Google has continued to carry out the plan “spring cleaning” his recently announced plans to shut down many small features, and combined storage space of Drive and Picasa together. These services removed the AdSense ads to the RSS feed reader, Google News Badges (tools help users track what kind of information is usually read and personalize to your liking), and Classic Plus ( allows users to upload their own background for the Google homepage ). Places Directory on Android application searches for places around a target that has been removed from Google Play because “users have been able to find anything on Google Maps for mobile devices with experience much better. ” Most notably, it was decided to combine the company’s storage Google Drive to Picasa. Previously, users used free 5GB with Google Drive and 1GB to save photos on Picasa.Google Drive ans Picasa

But now each Google account only 5GB for both Gogole Drive and Picasa . Gmail will not be affected by this. For premium users, ago if they spend money to buy another 25GB total of 31GB (25GB buy + 5GB free Picasa Drive + 1GB available). Now, if you pay for with a capacity of 25GB, which is you only 25GB right to use only. In other words, the money you spend only corresponds to 20GB storage, while the remaining 5GB Google has a new gift available when setting up your account. On the Google side, it said that such “will allow users to easily more “in managing your account. New storage system will be released in a few months. Until the end of the campaign to “clean up” their, Google said the company will cancel 60 services since it started last year. According to Yossi Matias posted  on  Google Blog

So please be aware about this Google Drive and Picasa combination.

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