Google Drive Tips : 7 useful tips for Google Drive

Google Drive Tips

Google Drive Tips

Google Drive is a great service, but the application and synchronize some files – this is only the first step in working with this cloud service. Google Drive Tips collected by DigitalWalt will help you take full advantage of Google Drive, both on the desktop and on the Internet.

Many of these techniques can also be used when working with Dropbox, Microsoft SkyDrive, and any other service, is a “wonderful” folder that automatically syncs your files over the Internet. However, the integration of Google Drive with a web application is a unique feature of this service. make your work easier with following Google Drive Tips.

Tip # 7 : Use the “Send to”

You can add Google Drive in the “Send to” your operating system Windows, and share in the “cloud” of files from any location on your computer.


menu “Send to” show the contents of a specific folder (the list of places where you can copy the selected files ), and allows you to add shortcuts to your favorite “destinations.” To open the folder, start Windows Explorer, Windows, copy the following text and paste it into the address bar:

Google Drive Copy the folder “Send to” by pressing the right mouse button on the icon and selecting the service up. If you move a folder using drag and drop (by pressing and holding the left mouse button), Windows will draw only a label, but does not copy the folder. As a result, the service can not work because it will not have a label at the usual place.

Tip # 6 : Encrypt sensitive files

Cloud storage services, such as Google Drive, a great way to keep copies of important documents, even if it is irretrievably lost your hard drive. However, the provision of control over sensitive information to someone third, can be a particular problem. Before you download important documents, consider protecting them with a password. Even if your account is compromised, no one will have access to your files without the password. Even Google itself can not view the encrypted data.


There are many different ways to protect the files, but one of the easiest is to create an encrypted archive. Make sure that you use a program that supports strong encryption. Utility 7-Zip is a good, free option for organizing the archive, create a file with the extension .7 z (like ZIP files) with AES-256 encryption.

Remember to choose a strong password that you do not forget – if you can not remember your password, you will lose access to your files.

Another way is to use the application BoxCryptor, which also supports Google Drive. It creates a secure folder on your space in the Google Drive, where you can drag and drop files. However, in order to have access to your files, you need BoxCryptor and password to access it.

Installing a two-level authentication and increases the safety of the account in Google, including your account on the Drive.

Tip # 5 : Moving user folders

You can move user data folder, including documents, photos, music, videos, downloads, right-clicking and using the menu “Location” (Location). Move the folder in your Google Drive to be able to synchronize the data between computers.

Do this on each computer you use, and you can work with the same files from the folder “Documents” and “Downloads” on all your computers.

Tip # 4 :Configure Windows library

You do not need to move the folder to easily save files on a line drive – use the library instead of folders Windows. In the folder “Library” click on “Locations” (“locations”) at the top of the window.

You can add folders from the disk to the library and Google even set it as the default save location. When you open the library in Windows Explorer you will see the files in all folders that are used as a place to save. When you move or save the file to the library, Windows places it in the default save location.

Tip # 3 : Empty Trash

Files from the recycle bin (and previous versions of files) take up disk space. After deleting files, you need to clean your cart online disk to free up disk space.

You can empty the Recycle Bin on a web page Google Drive. “Trash” is a bit hidden, so in order to find her and clear, click “Advanced” on the side site.

Tip # 2 : Restore previous versions of files

Google Drive saves previous versions of files for 30 days or 100 last save, depending on, what would happen before. You can not view them from your desktop. To do this you need to visit a Web site, right-click and select “Manage saved” (Manage Revisions).

Previous versions of files also take up space for storage, as well as files baskets. So, if they take up too much space, you can remove the previous version here.

Tip # 1 : Installing Applications

Google-Drive-Tips-Installing Apps

Google Drive is not only allows you to sync between your computers file folders – Google also provides for his work as an online hard drive for web applications. Store Chrome Web Store has a whole set of applications for Google Drive.

You can launch files in web applications directly from disk Google. Web applications can also save files directly to your hard drive. This function enables you to store all your files in one place, not throwing them on various web applications.

Note : All is Well, try all these Google Drive Tips at your own desktop & let us know your experience and share some Google Drive Tips (if you know) as comments here…. More about Google Drive

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