Google Penguin Update 3 has arrived


Google Penguin Updated

Google has updated its algorithm with filter Google Penguin this Friday, October 5. This is the third update of the Google penguin, the first having taken place on 24 April 2012 and the second May 26, 2012.

Updating penguin 3 was formalized by Matt Cutts in a tweet, Matt tells us that the SHIFT key 0.3% of English queries .

According to Search Engine Land , Matt Cutts also informs us that Penguin 3 affects 0.4% of requests in French and Spanish and 0.3% Italian queries.

Presumably based on the percentage of impacted research here that is not yet the mega update promised by Matt Cutts  and feared by many web publishers.

As with the last update of 20 Panda , Google Penguin 3 updating may take a few days to be deployed in full on all data centers.


Here is the list of  Penguin version history. It tells you when each version of Google Penguin updated.

Google Penguin 1 : 2012, April 24

Google Penguin 2 : 2012, May 26

Google Penguin 3 : 2012, October 5

Have you seen update changes, up or down? If you find any changes Please share here as valuable Comment.

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