Google pushes Android 4.2 for Nexus 7

Android Jelly Bean 4.2

Android 4.2 for Nexus 7

You have a Nexus 7 ? You will be pleased to know that version Android 4.2 for Nexus 7 is now available. Android 4.2 is considered a minor revision. However, it still offers some new features and improvements of the mobile operating system from Google.


November 13 is the first Nexus 7 began to be notified that Android 4.2 was available. This new version improves the user experience of the tablet. Here are the new features that are in my opinion the most interesting Android 4.2

Manage Multiple Users

Tablets using Android version 4.2 are able to manage multiple users. This feature is similar to what we find conventional computers. The owner of the tablet can add additional user profile on the tablet.
Functionality is interesting, however, you must have a Nexus 7 of 16 or better 32 GB. As each user must install applications on their profile, the storage quickly becomes quite limited. Still, support Client is welcome.

A new keyboard more intuitive and faster

Keyboard Android 4.2 borrows a formula developed by Swype . You can now enter text simply by moving your finger across the virtual keyboard without lifting. This technique allows you to literally draw the words you want to write. Quickly, the dictionary will suggest Android words or phrases sought after entering a few letters. This new keyboard is very powerful and intuitive.

Android 4.2 for Nexus 7

Swype for Android

Configuration settings more easily accessible

when you slide your finger from the top right of the screen, where there is time, you will uncover a section that allows you to configure your device.Android 4.2 for Nexus 7

Following settings are very easy to access in Android 4.2 new version(not mentioned in above image).

Your Google+ profile.
Adjusting the brightness of the screen.
The Settings application.
Setting the WIFI connectivity.
Adjusting the rotation of the screen.
The battery level.
Access to airplane mode.
Access to the Bluetooth configuration.
Again, this is a minor change. By cons it helps to make life easier for users of Nexus 7.

Did you install Android 4.2 on your tablet? What do you think of the evolution of the mobile operating system?

You just share your opinion as a comment.

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