Google upgraded Video chat as Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts

As you enjoy video chatting with Gmail since 2008, you can say goodbye to your video chating with one person from your buddy list and welcome to Group chating with Google Hangouts

And Google giving a surprised gift for Google fans, Users & customers, It is going to replacing or Upgrading Gmail video chat with Google+ Hangouts unlike Google video chat. Google Video chat works based on peer to peer technology where as Hangouts works on the power of Google’s Network to give the higher & enhanced quality output as they mentioned in Google’s Blog.

You can chat with people as u did before and also with Hangouts you can reach same people not only with Google Mail, Even they are on Google+ with browser, I phone & Android devices.

Google Hangouts is Powerful & superior technology, We can remember some video chating services like Google Video chat, Skype, Apple’s Facetime & Ichat, but Google Hangouts is moreover quality & enhanced than all these services.

With Google Hangouts we can add new people to Video meeting as very much easier than previous and Audio is spectacularly good at long range, it is the better choice for corporate companies for free video conferences and Group or Team meetings online.

And then there’s the feature that the Gmail team hints at in its blog — the ability to add moustaches, beards, halos and other personal decorations — not to mention cat and dog masks — which will appear to follow you throughout the chat.

Will see weather people feels sad as Google Video Chat leaving them, or they excite to see how Hangouts can boost their Google Experience…!

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