How to backup Android SMS to Gmail

SMS Backup Plus

Backup Android SMS to Gmail

In Android generation, All are using Android Devices and it has lot of important information on that devices like Contacts, personnel Files, Pics, SMSs, Videos and Audio. Is All these information safe? do you have backed up your information? some we can backup in PCs. Personally, I always prefer my backup to the cloud, as they are more reliable than Device or PC’s local backup.

Today I will show you how you can backup your Android SMS / text to your Gmail account without much effort. backup to Gmail has its advantages. As a backup online, it is reliable and safe, and after the messages are copied to Gmail, we can use the powerful search and Gmail, to unearth any old text messages instantly when the need arises.

Backing up messages

We’re going to use a great app called SMS Backup + (Useful for backup Android SMS to Gmail), Which is a specialized tool for backing up text messages in Gmail inbox. After the installation of the store Play and run it, put a check on the Connect option to provide the application permission to your account. application will open your Android browser, which you have to provide access.

Backup Android SMS to Gmail

Once your Gmail account is connected, you can just click backup button to start the backup. The application will create a new label in Gmail , like SMS and save all texts, e-mail threads there.

Gmail access for SMS Backup

The first backup may take some time depending on the number of messages on your device. I would suggest you clean up all the unwanted messages before you make the initial backup. You can also set up automatic backups to update Gmail, when you receive new messages.

backup for Android SMS

In the future, if you want to restore them, click on the Restore button in the app to get back all the messages on your device. app also supports backing up multimedia messaging, but you can not restore it back to the device due to some limitations of API.

I always keep my Android SMS Backup Gmail. What is wrong in the creation of additional reserve you can access, search and read whenever you want, right?

So, did you start backup Android SMS to Gmail now, if not yet start, just do right away and keep them in cloud for safety.

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