How to Configure Gmail in Windows 8

Windows 8 with Gmail

Configure Gmail in Windows 8

After the release of Windows 8 RTM, we have considered a number of useful articles about Windows 8 major programs and how you can use them in their daily lives. To ease things, we have already discussed how to add video and song in Windows 8 applications music and video, as well as you can customize the Windows 8 App-mail signature. Today I am going to address a very common question desktop e-mail application associated with this question: “How do I add or Configure my Gmail in Windows 8? “… Most of us look for the answer to this question, when the transition from the Gmail web interface on a desktop email client, is not it?

So let’s see how you can configure Windows 8 mail application, and add the Gmail and Google Apps account is easy . Needless to POP or IMAP settings , all you’ll need your username and password.

Adding Gmail in Windows 8 Mail application

Step 1: Open the Windows 8 Start screen and select the Mail app. If you do not have a default application, you can download it from the store Microsoft App. It is free and is one of the most important modern applications for Windows 8.

Step 2: Once you are in Windows 8 mail application, open the charm bar, pressing Windows + C hot key and select Settings.

Settings for Gmail in Windows 8

Step 3: In the Settings menu, select the account, the ability to configure all user accounts that are associated with your Windows 8. Here, select Add Account .

Add Account in Windows 8

Step 4: Now in the Add account option select Google , as the type of account and continue.

Add Gmail Account in Windows 8

Step 5: Finally, provide your Gmail credentials to authenticate the account and add it. Once the account has been added, it will be shown with all other accounts configured in Windows 8 Mail application, and you can easily switch between them.That’s it, you have successfully configured Gmail in Windows 8 operating system.

Gmail Account log in in Windows 8

If you’re using Google Apps for your personal domain to send and receive e-mail, you can also configure it to Windows 8 post. Just specify the full name of the user (eg, ), providing the login credentials. Configuration Apps account will be done automatically. If you plan to use Windows 8 calendar and contacts for the selected account Google, be sure to check the ability to import contacts and calendar for the linked account Google. Conclusion You can set up multiple Gmail accounts in Windows 8 almost in the exact same way. Do not forget to try the Windows 8 Mail application and let us know what you liked and what you did wrong on the application. To start a conversation, I want to note that I do not like the whole page compose window, which does not allow me to refer to other mail. ‘s your turn!

If you have any trouble or any suggestion to configure Gmail in Windows 8, Please leave your valuable information here as your comment.

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