How to create your mobile site for free

Mobile Site

Creating Mobile site (Step by Step)

Many mobile phones are free to support common Internet Protocol – HTML, but mobile WAP sites have not gone the distance. Create your mobile site can be anyone.

How to start your mobile site creation?

Step 1 : Visit the WAPEditor and free download program DotWap. This program helps you create a mobile site or WAP-site and publish it on the Internet. Please note: You do not need any knowledge of programming languages, or hypertext markup.

Step 2 : Install and open the program DotWap. Despite the fact that it is not localized, it is easy to use. Its toolbar consists of four sections. The first is responsible for the “creation / opening / saving” of the site, the second – for the “upload / download / view.” Third – for adding to the site the next page, paragraph, links or pictures, the fourth – only for the removal of selected site elements.Mobile Sites vs Desktop Site

Step 3 :The first window that opens will be the main page of your next mobile site. Double click on the button «Add pages». If you say, you want to fill the site have any information, call the two created pages «News» and «Contacts» respectively. Fill them with content. So, on page «News» You can add information about how to set up a website, and on «Contacts» – specify your contact information. On the home page, you can place a welcome message. Press the «Preview» («Preview”), and the results of the vote.

Step 4 : To fully appreciate and test your site, you can use WAP-browsers from other manufacturers. But in any case, in order to submit your site to a publication, you need to register in the system (for which you have created this software DotWap) or save it to WML-format for publication in other systems.

Step 5 : To keep the site in WML-format, go to the menu «File» and select «Create WML files …». Specify the directory in which DotWap automatically generates a file with the extension. Wml.

Step 6 : Refer to page and FTP Manager and download FTP-client to facilitate downloading of content on WAP-site hoster.

Now you can publish your mobile site for Mobile and Tablet users

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