How to disable cookies in Chrome, Firefox & Internet Explorer

Internet Cookies

how to disable cookies in your favorite web browser  step by step :- Cookies are tiny (Small piece of program) items of data that websites save on your pc once you visit particular site. A cookie acts as your distinctive identification card, and might be accustomed track your activity on an explicit web site.
You can disable the cookies choices from your browser, this is often not advisable, and as a result of some websites won‘t function properly. Once a while you can disable & then enable it once your job is done.  Anyway it’s recommended by web site or Blog owners.
Disable Cookies in Google Chrome:-
To disable cookies in Google Chrome open it, click on customize & control settings (spanner symbol on the right top of browser) click on settings.







Click on “show advanced settings” as show in below Image







In privacy label click on content settings.







in content settings find cookies, you can block from all site, third party cookies from site data.







Also you can except some site which you want.







Disable Cookies in Firefox:-

In Firefox also same as like Chrome, open Firefox, click on Tools,  and go to options.







click on Privacy Tab, there you can select “use custom settings for history”










Un check the box for accept cookies from sites & accept third-party cookies. Click on ok, now other sites can’t track your information










Disable Cookies in Internet Explorer:-

Process of cookies disabling in all browsers almost similar, in IE also have to open IE & click on Tools, click on options.







click on privacy tab, go to advanced.










check the box” override automatic cookie handling & select the radio buttons block at first-party cookies & third-party cookies.








That’s it your done, but once again “this is often not advisable” please don’t do it unless it very important.

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