How to Edit PDF Files with and without Software


Easy ways to edit PDF files online and offline

PDF or “Portable Document Format” is a independent file format and extension for the file is “.pdf”, it doesn’t comes with operating system.  It is originally developed by Adobe Systems in the early 90’s.

The purpose of PDF files are distribution of the articles, eBooks, User manuals, personal letters etc. Document may be anything but the intention is file should not edit once a PDF file is created. But there are many ways to edit PDF files with software tools and online.

Adobe Systems developed Acrobat Reader to view the PDF files and Adobe Acrobat Professional version to create and edit files, convert Microsoft to PDF and reversal, convert HTML,Email to PDF, merging  files.

Adobe Systems designed Acrobat professional version to create, edit, merge and manipulate PDF files, But it is expensive. so that we are looking for less cost or free PDF Editors. Look at the Official PDF File Editor.

Edit PDF

Now Lets see how to edit PDF files with out Adobe

1. PDF-XChange Editor specially designed for editing PDF files and it lets you to edit PDF files, change text, graphics, and remove elements. Download PDF-Exchange Editor and install it. it user friendly interface to manipulate and edit files through “tools” menu. you can add annotations, strike out, underline, replace text, highlight color of existing text, also there are tool like Pencil & eraser to draw/erase on the PDF file.

2.VeryPDF PDF Editor Download & Install PDF Editor. it is a very user friendly application, you can use it to view & edit PDF files without Acrobat Reader. It is very simple to use, There are free and pro versions available. you can play with PDF file how ever you want. Advance menu will give way to edit PDF files.

3.PDFescape is an online tool to edit PDF files, It is completely free to use. If you don’t have any PDF viewer you can use PDFescape to view and edit PDF files. but the free version has the limitation up to 10MB or 100 pages to edit or create PDF files.

4. Nitro PDF Reader is a powerful PDF editor to edit PDF files, It has lot off features unlike other editors, you can work with multiple PDF files at the same time.  It gives us features like extraction of images and text, text editing, underlining, replacing images, delete and merge  files and more.You can create PDF file from 300 file formats.

5. OpenOffice is a alternative to Microsoft Office, It is a open source project and it has all the features like MS Office. also you can edit PDF Files free with OpenOffice. Just download & install OpenOffice. After installing OpenOffice it doesn’t support for PDF editing by default. Download the extension called “Oracle PDF importer” from Internet & Install. then Open PDF file from your local drive and edit where and what ever you want. After editing go to file and “Export as PDF” name it and save the file.

6.Google Docs : You can use Google Docs as PDF Editor, Here it is something like Online PDF Editor. it is very simple like your notepad or wordpad editing. To edit a PDF file follow the below steps.

  • Upload PDF file to Google Drive that you want to edit.
  • Select or chek the box on the uploaded PDF file and go to more option and click on Open with and select Google Docs.
  • PDF file will convert in to Google Docs format and opens in new tab as a document.
  •   If you select the page it looks like a image in word format means it shows border like a image, here you need to press “Enter ” to edit PDf file in Google Docs format. That’s it you can edit your PDF file with Google Docs. if you want to save same file as PDF, Download the file from Google drive to local drive and any of the above PDF editors or PDF creator to create PDF file.

Useful PDF Tools

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