How to know email read or not by recipient

How to know email read

How to know email read or not

Now you can easily find out when your email has been read by the recipient! No need to wait till get the response from them weather it is read or not. With this post you can make almost impossible – how long it takes to read your email. And how many people send their letters in the hope to open and read it to the letter. It’s different requests, requests, complaints, applications, resumes, finally! You also have to look for a job and wait for an answer for weeks? Yes, I agree, reading the letter does not mean that you will be answered and you will hear what you want, but the value of this information is beyond doubt.

Start here How to know email read

Introducing – service SpyPig!
Ok, enough to intrigue your attention: switch quickly to the service of free e-mail tracking system SpyPig, –  you will meet the design and playful cartoon pig. In fact, the service performs a very serious issue. You can dig up all those who are looking into your eyes, or the phone, said that did not receive your letter.

The service is quite simple: the explanation of how to operate, fits on a single page. Just in case I will relate their actions.

1. Before you send mail, go to the service and enter the top line in your e-mail address, the one that you will receive a read receipt.

2. In the second line, enter the name of the message, or a code name to come up for this recipient.

3. In the third line you see in the box below empty white box and a few pigs, and the logo of your choice. You must select what you copy and paste a letter that you want to send. If you send a business letter, I think you can pig itself discredit and undermine all your efforts.

How to know email read

Know “How to know email read or not” with SpyPig

You can upload your own image , picture, logo, but you need to get a little pre-registration. In his business correspondence I will use your company logo – it will be very appropriate to look in the message field, and not to arouse suspicion.

4. The fourth step is to press the wide button Click Create My SpyPig  But for this step to be prepared, so to speak, to learn the steps that need to be done in one minute. Click this button, it will appear in the image of your choice. Its need to be copied.

Those who post on g-mail – first select the image, even if it is a white empty box, and copy it using the keyboard shortcuts  Ctrl + C , and then paste in your letter to the right place, you want to send with a keyboard shortcut Ctrl + V. What do I have to owners of other e-mail clients, detail laid out the whole statement.

Send a letter to be read.
All. Now you can send an email and wait for it to open. Here you will notified. To test the service send a message to your other email address – many of us, not one mailbox there. I did just that. A moment after that, as in other post, I opened a test email to my favorite gmail received a notification that my letter read. Everything worked out well! Speaking of that, what else is needed to mail gmail can read one more thing here .

I am very happy – now I will use this chip in their work, and to teach their managers. In the notice, by the way, you can see while reading, the approximate location address of the recipient and its ip-address. My next phone call to the client, you can now start with the phrase: “I know you read my email!”

This is amazing! System tracking email  SpyPig lets you know that my letter read! Excellent software will be enjoyed by all those who are tormented by the question: Do read his letter. Not only is the service can satisfy our curiosity, he will be a powerful and effective tool to use.

So, now all know ” how to know email read “.

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