How to record Skype conversations (Video&Audio Calls)

Record Skype Conversation

Record Skype Conversations

Skype – perhaps the most widely used program for voice chat, conference, conducting telephone interviews and round table discussions. No matter for what purpose you use this program from time to time you may want to record Skype conversation.With all the diversity protocol instant messaging and voice of placer IM client, Skype stands alone. It’s a different world in the world of information exchange. He is constantly evolving, but the client for Skype not. It prevents mobile operators to turn up prices. His crush laws and taxes. But Skype is still alive. Why? I do not know. any way we wil see how to record Skype conversation ?

The first thing I want to mention – is that Skype can be used as both a voice (video) communication and chat. This is very handy if you want to share your impressions about the video and send the link to it without interrupting the conversation.

second – is the synchronization message history. Skype not only keeps a record of the history of communications with any order you deep, but it synchronizes between clients. That is, if you correspond with someone at work, at home you do not have to painfully remember what you talked about. Skype conversation history itself will download from the server. With Whatever computer you are logged into Skype, you will have a complete history of the latest messages.

Next. Show your desktop . You can explain a hundred times what buttons you press and in what order – the source would not understand until you see it. Talk – a good thing, but it is better to see once … Exit – show off your screen and repeat the steps to the source himself saw that we should (or should not) reap. Make it simple. Under the chat window, where we write the note is inconspicuous inscription “Share.” This is a menu where you can select “Print Screen”. Want – Stream live full screen. Want – part. Joint work easier, is not it?

order to take advantage of the next chip, we need to install it. It is also simple. In the menu, select Tools-Extras-ons Download add Extras. A window additions. At the top left search box. Introduce Pamela, search. Additional search options choose Pamela Call Recorder. Short installation process … THERE! Now we can record calls and video calls ! You can leave a message in memory, and can correct for fun. I remember we played one so familiar. Recorded a conversation by asking leading questions. Then questions were replaced by more tricky, so that the answers become an entirely different meaning. Then pleased to receive records friends on her birthday.


Features of Pamela Call Recorder

  • Skype Call Recording
  • Skype Video Recording
  • Skype Chat Recording
  • Skype Call Transfer
  • Skype Call Scheduler
  • Record calls automatically
  • Mono/Stereo recording option
  • Skype Conference Call manager
  • Create cool mood messages
  • Answering Machine
  • Play sounds during calls
  • Auto Chat Reply
  • Birthday Reminders
  • Email Forwarding
  • Contact Personalization
  • Blogging & Podcasting

and many other cool features.

Record Skype conversation with Pamela Call Recorder is very easy. Socket had very similar standard audio. There is a button “start recording”, “Stop Recording”, “Play a record breaker.” Storing is done automatically at the end of the conversation. Plus a separate window for managing files recorded conversations. Everything just as comfortable as boots and diapers after a while your limited free functionality. For us it is not a problem, since there are still a lot of free programs to record Skype Conversation. One of these – Evaer.

Record Skype conversation with “Evaer video call recorder

Evaer records not only audio but also video. After installing the software, your Skype will ask you for permission to access Evaer.


After that, the program changes the mode to “Ready”. Now, to record the conversation just click on the entry. Click on the same button to stop and save the recording. Listen to the result can be, without leaving the program, there is a built-in player.

settings in the following functions:

The codec to record video / audio

Starting the recording – automatically whenever you call or manually

VoiceMail – can record directly in the program, and you can select any audio file on your computer.

On the main panel there is an icon that looks like a piece of videotape. When you click, you can select five recording modes:

– Record video with you and your partner will be stored in different files

– same as above, but the program will stick together and keep records in one file (by default)

– Record only you

– only companion …

– Only the sound of

Evaer Skype video recorder features Trial version Licensed version
Skype VIDEO call recording (Include Group   Video Calls) 5   minutes Unlimited
Recording Skype screen sharing session 5   minutes Unlimited
Skype AUDIO call recording (Include   Conference Calls) 5   minutes Unlimited
Skype answering machine (Audio and Video) New! YES YES
Recording into MP4 movie New! YES YES
Recording into AVI movie YES YES
Automatic call recording (Audio and Video) YES YES
Record Skype video calls with side-by-side mode YES YES
Record Skype video calls with separate files mode YES YES
Record Skype video calls with local-webcam-only mode YES YES
Record Skype video calls with remote-webcam-only mode YES YES
Changeable recording video compressor (H264, Xvid, Microsoft   MPEG-4 and more) YES YES
Changeable recording video resolution (supports 240p, 360p, 480p, 720p, 1080p) YES YES
Changeable recording video framerate YES YES
Option to record sound in stereo / mono mode YES YES
Encoding to mp3 YES YES
Option to record separate MP3 audio files with video calls YES YES
Automatic chat reply YES YES
Call notes YES YES
Free upgrade YES YES
Supports Windows XP/Vista/7/8 (32/64-Bit) YES YES
License cost FREE $19.95

Download Evaer video call recorder (Source : Officeal Website)

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