How to speed up Windows XP

Windows XP

Speed up windows XP

Probably, many faced with a situation where over time the operating system starts up longer and longer. The download speed depends on several factors: the capacity of the computer, file fragmentation on the disk, the load device drivers, the system registry, services, firewall, anti-virus applications from the startup. Some items will perform optimization.

Speed up Windows XP with following Instruction

Speed up Windows XP

Clean up Windows XP with CCleaner

1. Clean the system of temporary files and garbage in the registry, using the free utility CCleaner

2. Carry out the information on the disk defragmentation:

In the “Start” menu, select “Programs”, open the group “Standard”, then a group of “Tools” and then click “Disk Defragmenter.”
Select the drive to defragment.
Click “Defragment.”

3. Disable unnecessary services and programs from startup. To do this, go to Start -> Run -> write: msconfig -> OK. We are interested in the tabs “Services” and “Startup”. Simply tick the unnecessary snimatsya, click “Apply” and reboot the system. Describe the service will not, they are many. A brief description of each can be found in Start -> Settings -> Control Panel -> Administrative Tools -> Services (where they can be stopped and started.) At startup, usually not difficult to determine what started the column “Command”. If in doubt about the need to download any applications and services, the two versions: naguglit or not to touch.

4. BootVis use a utility from Microsoft, sometimes that expedite the system boot at times. Download it here (600 kb, installation is not required), run and see this screen:

Speed up Windows XP

Speed up Windows XP with Bootvis

In the Trace menu, select Optimize system, and the system rebooted and the following field (perhaps appear immediately, wait):

Wait for the optimization.

Speed up Windows XP

Bootvis Optimization

Also, with this program advanced users can analyze the system boots. The report specifies in detail how much time is required to perform all load processes. This is useful for identifying weaknesses and help you decide which direction to look for a solution.

5. Another way to reduce the boot time – activate unused core. By default, preloaded on a single core, even when multi-core processor.

If you have issue to “Speed up Windows XP” with above steps share here as Comment to get the solution.

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