How to use Google Authenticator without a Phone


Google Authenticator

Google Authenticator will make your online accounts even more secure. To log in your online account you need to enter original password for the account and one time password which is generated on your mobile or Tablet where the 2 step Authentication is enabled for that particular account.

Tip #1: Google Authenticator can be used on Multiple Devices

The authentication app is available for Windows Phone, BlackBerry, Android and iPhone. If you carry Two or more devices like iPad and Android Mobile phone, you can configure the app for generating same code on both devices or any other device which is configured. With these devices you can generate the one time password to logging in to the online account.

The process for the Google Authenticator is straight-forward. while scanning the QR code with Google Authenticator on a device, open the Google Authenticator app another device & scan the same QR Code image. But here one thing you have to remember that “system time”, system time must be same in all devices, then you can use any one of them to log-in in to your online accounts.

If the device is already configured with two-step Authentication for an account, you need to disable two-step Authentication temporarily and then enable it to configure in all devices simultaneously.

Tip #2: Google Authenticator can be used on Desktop

Google Authenticator not only for Tablet or Mobile phones, you can use it on your desktop or laptop, but the mobile phone is required to generate an one time password, if you for got the mobile at work place, home or somewhere else, How…?

no problem, you can you can use Google Chrome to generate one time password with out the Google Authenticator App, all these things will solve with GAuth add-on on Chrome. But the small variation is there, that is “ in Google Authenticator App you will scan QR Code, but here you have to enter 16 digits secret key to add your account manually”. This is only the difference.

The security tokens will store in your browser using HTML local storage and these you don’t need to enter them again.

You can use Google Authenticator (two step verification) for the following services.
  1. Google (Gmail)
  2. Facebook
  3. LastPass
  4. Dropbox
  5. Microsoft’s Services (some services only, not yet enabled)
  6. WordPress
  7. Yahoo! Mail
  8. Amazon Web services
  9. DreamHost

and many more services…..

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