Increase system performance as you never seen before

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Increase system performance as you never seen before with few tips
Computer is built with some hardware devices & software modules, as they tied  up with each other to execute the commands which is given by human, while processing single command are multiple commands performance you may get result delay, DELAY…DELAY…..DELAY, the word which is never like computer guys is DELAY.
To get your system faster with out delay you need to follow few steps which can Increase system performance.
1.Increase system boot time & process execution process time with De-fragmentation, to de-fragment the partitions you don’t need to buy any software, you can use inbuilt de-fragmentation method, it’s very easy & simple thing which is avoided by most common people.
2.If your computer having less than 1 GB RAM, try to increase 1 GB or more than 1 GB, it’s relatively improves the performance of your PC.
3.Ensure that your Operating System Installed with NTFS file system, if your not sure that NTFS or FAT32, check it here, Double click on My computer and right click on C Drive go to properties, look at the “file system type : NTFS or FAT32”, if you found it as FAT32, backup of your DATA and convert it from FAT32 to NTFS, Procedure : go to run -> type “CMD”  -> press OK then type the command as “CONVERT C: /FS:NTFS” hit enter, process may take while and it should not inturepted, once it is done restart PC and look the difference, NTFS highly recommend for its superior security, efficiency and reliability with larger disk drives/volumes.
4. Disable the File Indexing Service : this service extracts the information from every file & folders existed in System and it creates “searchable Keyword Index”. as you can see it fluctuates the system performance.
Procedure : Open up “My Computer”  -> Right click on a Partition/drive go to properties    Right-click on your hard drive (usually “C:”) and choose “Properties”. Un check the box at the bottom that reads “Allow files on this drive to have content Indexed …..”, Click OK, and files will be removed from memory. This process may take few minutes to finish.
also disable the indexing service: start -> run -> type “services.msc” and hit enter, find the “Index Service”, if the services is running, stop it & disable it under start up type, it won’t start again. Now don’t think that now windows doesn’t search files, it will do but it will take little more time.
5. System Drivers update : make sure that system chip set & graphics driver up to date, always check for latest drivers from system manufacturers website to get latest updates. also update the BIOS firmware and change the first boot options to OS Installed HDD and disable unwanted features as the don’t need in some cases.
6. clear the “prefetch”  folder frequently, windows can prefetch the applications and partitions DATA, this can make faster process executed by you, if the folder is heavy with older & unwanted “prefetch” DATA, system becomes lazy & responds slowly, you can deleted the data inside “prefetch” folder with out thinking. it doesn’t make issue.
7. System Disk Cleanup : it is also increases system performance, you need to clean up your disks frequently, it make file better structure and removes junk data from your system.
8. Ensure DMA Enabled : it is recommended to enable on all your HDD Partitions means device 0 and device 1.
Procedure : Right click on My computer, click on “manage”, select “Device manager”, in the right pane find and click on IDE “ATA/ATAPI Controllers”, right click & go to advanced setings of the IDE channel, Check the box “Enable DMA”
9.Upgrade the cabling : as the HDD technology improves we need to upgrade the cabling system with 80-wire Ultra-133(For IDE HDDs) and also make your connection matching with master/slave to the motherboard sockets, if you connect single HDD, it must be end of the cable as it cause signaling problem if connects in the middle gives more performance by overcome the signaling problem.
Increase system performance with few more steps: in the part of increasing system performance,you need to fallow  few more steps as mentioned below. Operating System Updates : frequently visit the Microsoft’s site to get the latest updates & patches to be safe from the virus & clear the bugs which are existed in the operating system. Updates & patches continue sly developing…
make your system virus and spyware free with latest antivirus, use some free tools to remove spyware like Ad Aware by Lava soft or Spy Bot Search & Destroy, those protects you from Internet spyware & other virus programs
Unwanted programs Removal :remove the unwanted programs which are not using so long, once you uninstall programs run the cleaner which is used to remove unwanted registry entries, junk data, uninstalled programs & it’s related data from scratch, disable the unwanted services from start up to prevent system start up slow issue by using MS CONFIG command and deselect the unwanted programs for system start up.Turn of the un necessary animations, popups, adgest the visual settings for system optimal performance, increase the Page file size 2 or 3 times to your physical Memory,
physical cleaning should be happened at least once in a year, open the cabinet & blow out all the dust and debris and be careful with physical component inside cabinet, if any disconnected connect them properly.

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