Install WordPress on PC to check site before publishing live

Make WordPress blog on PC for testing and learning

WordPress is the free & popular CMS (Content Management System), most of the website & Blogs may be personal or professional use hosted with Woedpress Power blogging Tools, the most people who want to update their blog or site frequently, they will use WordPress. WordPress blog masters don’t need much programming skills. Making a wordpress blog and updating of the content or information in particular blog is very easy with WordPress. Just like your facebook posts/comments or twitter tweets, most of the hosting companies allowing you to install WordPress on that particular hosting Account as it’s available freely. You can’t find that the website is powered by WordPress or other platform because of the richest free and premium WordPress Templates, Templates can make the website looks good. Installation of WordPress is very easy, WordPress we can install on your local system for testing purpose or for websites publishing from your own PC. To Install WordPress on PC you don’t need to put too much effort.

To create WordPress blog we need only two open source application.

1.WordPress        Download here

2.WAMP               Download here

After Downloading WordPress & WAMP, Install WAMP on your PC, extract the WordPress zip file to C:\wamp\www (this is default wamp installed locaton), click on WAMP server from Programs Files, icon will start at Windows Notification Area, click on wamp server  icon go to PhpMyAdmin & click on database, create new database for WordPress Blog, once you done with it, go to browser type http://localhost , WordPress Blog Installation will start from here, fill the all fields and finish it. Watch the video tutorial on DigitalWaltTV



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