Internet Explorer 10 – Released preview for Windows 7

Internet Explorer 10

Internet Explorer 10 Preview

Internet Explorer 10 has remained an exclusive application for Windows 8 with the first beta version of the system. After the release of “Eight» Microsoft decided to remove the status of exclusivity with Internet Explorer 10 and port it to Windows 7. Official release of the browser has not taken place, but the website is available for download to the preview version. Go tell that to install Internet Explorer 10 on my Windows 7, I did not work. The browser needs to run Service Pack 1, which I have. Besides him, Internet Explorer 10 has set four separate patch for the system. With the last of them had problems. Set it in any refused, stating the lack of support for my PC. What does this mean, I have not figured out. I hope others have better luck. On assurances the new version of Microsoft Internet Explorer has increased significantly speeds up web pages. Tests overseas resources and reviews the first users of this out. Internet Explorer 10 was added to the option Do Not Track. It prohibits the sites to collect the data on user actions. It is not working at all sites, so a sense of security is not enough. Interface Internet Explorer 10, as compared with the ninth version changed slightly.

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Internet Explorer 10

Internet Explorer 10

Here, too, there is combined with the search for the address bar and similar controls. From a visual point of view of the browser closer to the interface of Windows 8. For example, the scroll bar was flat. IE10 appeared in compatibility mode. It is designed to correct errors on the pages, not adapted for the new browser. For inclusion in the address bar, there is a special “break” button. IE10 An interesting feature is the ability to attach selected sites to the taskbar. If the web page is capable, it can put a widget on the taskbar for quick access to it. The widget will automatically update and report on new developments that have taken place on the page. This can be useful, for example, a web profile Facebook. This function is an echo of live tiles from Windows 8. Those who did not like IE9, is unlikely to fall in love with the tenth version of the browser Microsoft. Visually, the program has not changed. Most innovations for performance and additional features. The speed of loading pages IE on par with Chrome and Firefox. Should I go for the sake of competing with the browser on the product Microsoft – to solve the user.


Download Internet Explorer 10 Preview for Windows 7, you can follow this link .

Source : Microsoft

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