Internet Explorer 9 useful tips and tricks (7 Tips)


Internet Explorer 9 Tips

Technological sites write a lot about how to simplify the work with Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, so that those who use a web browser from Microsoft, feel a little left out. The latest version of Internet Explorer 9, without a doubt, the best of the entire range of browsers Internet Explorer ( especially Internet Explorer 9), and it includes some interesting features. DigitalWalt gathered a collection of Internet Explorer 9 tips for users of the web browser.

Some of the functions of Internet Explorer is the best of its kind. For example, in Internet Explorer 9 fixed sites perfectly integrated with the Windows 7 taskbar also attached sites offer more features than the standard application shortcuts in Chrome. Web accelerators that produce a line of Internet Explorer browsers, are a convenient way to view information on the current page.

Tip # 7 : Attach (pin) sites to the taskbar

Attached sites are working in tandem with the Windows 7 taskbar. To secure the site, drag its icon from the address bar of Internet Explorer on the taskbar Windows. Clicking on the icon in the taskbar instantly loads the website in a separate window.

Some Web sites contain special support functions fixing. For example, if you use Hotmail, you see the number of unread messages in your Hotmail inbox, you can directly on the taskbar. Right-clicking the icon on the task bar will offer a list of special options that you can take without going to the site.

Tip # 6 : To speed up the launch browser does not add

Many applications installed on your Internet Explorer add-on. Difficult for a large number launch Internet Explorer and reduces its speed. Internet Explorer add-ons can determine which “hinder” your browser and report which ones and how much delay the activation of Internet Explorer. This allows you to easily disable the “worst offenders.”

To open the Manage Add-ons dialog box, select “Manage Add-ons” in the “Tools” toolbar, Internet Explorer.

Tip # 5 : Turn boosters

Internet Explorer 9 includes a web accelerators for sending e-mail through Hotmail, address mapping in Bing and translator for Bing Translate. These accelerators can be disabled, depending on the settings when you install Internet Explorer. You can turn them on by using the menu “Manage Add-ons.”

To use the accelerator, highlight text on a web page and click the right mouse button (or press the accelerator icon that appears at the bottom of the selected text.) You can get instant results directly in the Web page – for example, see the address on the map or translate selected text without loading a separate page.

Internet Explorer 9 & 8

To add accelerators, click on “Find More Accelerators” in the “Manage Add-ons” or visit the gallery to add Microsoft Internet Explorer.

Tip # 4 : Secure the preferred provider of search services

Some Windows programs can be set by the user to change to a different search engine, which will then be used by default. To prevent manipulation applications settings of your browser, you can lock the preferred provider of search services to other applications are not able to change it without your permission.

To make this change, open the “Manage Add-ons” and select “Windows Search” on the left side panel. Select the preferred search engine, check the “check” the box “Block offers programs to change the default search provider.”

Tip # 3 :Reopen Closed Tabs

Tabs appear in the browser with the Microsoft Internet Explorer 7, but it lacks important features such as the ability to open closed tabs. Fortunately, this feature was introduced in Internet Explorer 8. All you have to do is right-click on the tab, click Internet Explorer and select “Restore closed tab.” You can also select a tab from a list of recently closed using the menu recently closed tabs This feature is avail in Internet Explorer 9.

Tip # 2 :“Walk” on the internet privately with In Private Browsing

To enable private viewing mode, click on the “Security” tab and select “View InPrivate”. While InPrivate Browsing, Internet Explorer does not save history, cookies, and other temporary Internet files. You can browse in private mode, knowing that other users who open Internet Explorer 9 when you can not see what sites you’re visiting.

Tip # 1 : Recommended sites

Using the history of your visits to Internet resources, Internet Explorer has to offer you to browse web sites that may interest you. It does this by sending you a list of visited Web sites on the server Microsoft – so make sure you have nothing to hide, before you enable this feature.

To enable this feature, click the “Favorites” and select “Suggested Sites”. Choosing the “Suggested Sites” button on your “Favorites”, you can glances sites that meet your interests.

You can customize many aspects of its Internet Explorer in the “Internet Options”, which also includes parental controls to block children’s access to certain categories of sites.

Microsoft has developed many features in Internet Explorer 9 , Download Internet Explorer 9 and Check the actual optimization, feel the difference & share your experience below as Comments…..

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