iPad features Seven which not everyone knows

Apple iPad

iPad features

The iPad features for which everyone loved, but that can be interest those iPad features which few know. Despite the fact that the iPad fatures, in principle, an intuitive device, yet it conceals the features that go unnoticed by many users.

1. Touch screen Keyboard

The touch screen keyboard on the iPad can be useful for quick messages by email, but it is too inconvenient to enter large amounts of text. If you type fast, you can get the text that looks like gibberish. Apple solved the problem: now the keyboard can be split in the middle and pull apart at the edges . Just click on the keyboard with both thumbs and drag on the sides.

2. Phantom Keys

Please note that in this mode, there are phantom keys . Hidden «Y» is the right of the “T” and a hidden «G» left of «H».

Multi-touch will make you a pro-present the user.

3. For example, to return to the Home screen at any time , just put five fingers on the iPad screen and make schipatelnoe movement.

4. To quickly switch between applications , put four fingers on the screen and scroll to the left. You will return to the previous application that you use.

5. shortcuts to the task bar

Swipe four fingers up the screen. You get quick access to recently used applications, settings, brightness, volume and control music.

Apple iPad features

6. Screenshot

Screen capture can be done at the same time by clicking on the Home button and the Power. Screenshots are saved in your gallery.

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7. Turn your iPad into the Photo Frame

This feature is easily activated directly from the lock screen. The default interval between showing pictures – 3 seconds, but it can easily be adjusted in the settings.

These are the best iPad features which normally people doesn’t use……if you found good feature which people doesn’t use normally please share here as a comment.   Everyone Welcome…..

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