iTwin SecureBox-Dropbox security with hardware solutions

iTwin SecureBox

iTwin SecureBox

Today we often use the cloud storage service to synchronize files between different computers or in different places, and Dropbox is one of the companies selected by many. However, these files may not be secured properly because we simply uploaded to the server of the service, then copy to another computer only. New, iTwin company has introduced a product iTwin SecureBox to solve this problem. Solution provider that is 256-bit AES encryption ( AES-GCM mode ) for the files before uploading them to Dropbox. It is important here that the decryption key is placed in a USB flash drive iTwin device and must be able to use the downloaded files from Dropbox.

iTwin Overview

iTwin SecureBox

iTwin actually appeared in 2011, but at that time it features mainly to transfer data between two computers together via the Internet rather than linked to Dropbox. iTwin device has two parts, each of which is a memory pen with similar features. To use, users simply plug this thumb drive to the computer cluster (supports both Windows and Mac ). A software that will run up to help you configure iTwin and link it with existing Dropbox account on the machine (this is just the first time). Then, a directory called iTwin SecureBox appears, we just drop the files to sync here is that they will automatically be encrypted and uploaded to Dropbox. Once you have completed this step, you need to to remove the two parts of the iTwin, a keep it with you to use, the rest stored for backup. To another computer (such as the PC in the company, installed Dropbox request), iTwin connection to the machine and all the files were synchronized by iTwin SecureBox before will be downloaded and automatically encode them I only use without any additional steps. For added safety, iTwin allows you to set additional password as a second layer of security. As noted above, because the decryption key on iTwin USB drive, that’s why people do not have iTwin can not use your files. Even the file names have been changed so that hackers do not know what are the things that he needed to find. At the start of mating, a code called the Remote Disable Code will be sent to users via email and it can be used to disable iTwin if a USB flash drive is lost. You can buy iTwin software for $ 99 and iTwin SecureBox will be provided free for you to download. There are two blue and gray for you to choose from

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