Jotform : The ultimate Free Form builder for Websites


JotForm : Free Form Builder

JotForm is a Free Form Builder that doesn’t require any coding knowledge, it’s very easy WYSIWYG form builder, just make your form in 2 mins.

JotForm Form Builder: For every website and blog we need at least one contact form, feedback or any communication form for visitors to send their feedback or queries. Contact Form is the mandatory for any website. People keeps at least contact form if the website is not fully developed. Some of the websites they are conducting surveys, polls. Everywhere we required any one of the form. JotForm Form builder can full fill all the requirements whatever the website owner required. It has all the features and functions.

What is JotForm Form Builder?

JotForm is an ultimate free online Form Builder. You can create any type of form with JotForm. It is very easy as say A-B-C; No need any coding knowledge or any scripting knowledge like HTML, PHP to make forms.

Also there are no requirements to make free forms with JotForm because it is hosted in JotForms Servers. Your work is simply creating form which you want. You can Create JotFrom in Two Minutes
You can create almost any kind of form like Contact Form, Job Application Form, Reservation Form, Survey Form, and Event Management Form etc. In another words JotForm can full fill any kind of form that suitable for your website. JotForm is an single source for your all forms.

There are many Free Form Templates available with JotForm, you don’t need to worry about design, you just simply choose which ever is suitable or required fields for your website. I think you can’t choose one designs as they all are looking good and competitive each other.

You can build your free from with Name, Email, Address, Dropdown box, Text area, Radio Buttons, Check boxes, File Upload, Submit button and many more options. Here you can validate the fields with particular values weather only numeric or only alphabets and required digits. Also it has CAPTCHA Entry to protect spammers.

The powerful and amazing  feature is that you can accept online payments also by using JotForm Free Form builder. It is really great and user friendly. It supports Paypal, Google Checkout, 2Checkout, ClickBank, WorldPay, etc. After finishing your form designing with required fields Just click on preview and click source code, copy that source code into your website it just single line code looks like below

How can we see the form submissions?

Well, you can see all the submissions by login to account, also you will get Email form submissions instantly to your registered E-mail with JotFot Form Builder.

You can integrate JotForm with Google Docs and Dropbox.

Form Submissions reports can be saved directly to your Google Docs as your Form Submission reports, That reports you can see in Google Docs Spreadsheet,  you can simply integrate Dropbox also to get reports directly to your Dropbox account.

After All, JotForm is the unique and ultimate Free Form Builder for Website owners; it is really useful for everyone.

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