Keyboard shortcuts for Facebook use

Keyboard Shortcuts for Facebook

Keyboard shortcuts

Who much and often in Face book on the road, are the quick keystrokes instead of the slow and click with an advantage. With the keyboard shortcuts for browsing on Face book is significantly shorter.

Solution: Little known is that Face book can recognize and implement various keyboard shortcuts. The shortcuts are built quite simple, as the table shows:

Alt + 1: News Summary

Alt + 2: Custom Profile

Alt + 3: friend requests

Alt + 4: News

Alt + 5: Notifications

Alt + 6: account settings

Alt + 7: privacy settings

Alt + 8: Profile page of Face book itself

Alt + 9: Imprint / Terms of Use

Alt + 0: Help Area

Alt + ?: Search

Alt + m: Compose a new message

Especially those who work professionally or privately are accustomed to the keyboard will quickly get used to the corresponding symbol – but they save a lot of time. If you do not work with your personal account, but manage just a fan site, then function key combination not: ALT + 3, ALT and ALT + 6 + 7 Their function is also partially dependent on whether the respective point is relevant (ex: friend requests) content.

Products: The keyboard shortcuts work with the current version of Face book – but they may change at any time when the social network updated.

So, are you aware of these keyboard shortcuts, if so please share your keyboard shortcuts for Face book here as your comment.


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