Kindle Fire HD 7 inch tablet review


Amazon Kindle Fire HD

Kindle Fire HD has a slim design combined with beautiful screen. Equipped with the Android 4.0 operating system to customize different.

Although the company specializes in manufacturing electronic reading devices and just jump into the tablet field in less than a year ago, Amazon is one of the pioneers of the technology revolution brings the screen HD for the tablet market. With the launch of the Kindle Fire PC HD 7 inch version has been marketed since late September / 2012, Amazon has made many opponents stunned in the industry struggled to run the war 7 inch tablet.

Amazon Kindle Fire HD 7 Inch

Amazon Kindle Fire HD 7 Inch Tablet

Kindle Fire HD configuration quite well with TI OMAP 4460 dual-core processor at 1.2 GHz, PowerVR graphics chip, 1GB of RAM, the memory storage capacity of 16GB or 32GB, 7-inch LCD screen 1280 x 800 pixel resolution for viewing HD video 720p. This model is also equipped with front-facing camera to support video calling HD, port export microHDMI, Dolby stereo audio system. Kindle Fire HD is also equipped with the now commonly used connections like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth. Amazon also proudly claims this is the world’s first tablet equipped with technology MIMO dual-band (2.4 GHz and 5 GHz), two antennas that help access the Wi-Fi up to 40% faster Apple’s latest iPad. Unfortunately, this version does not support 3G connectivity. Amazon will add this feature in the 8.9-inch version will be “on the shelf” in November this year.

And the highlight of the Kindle Fire HD is a more attractive price than the 7-inch tablet form are available on the market. This model is sold in the domestic market South through distributors Maydocsach, with 5.7 million price for the 16GB version and 6.9 million for the 32GB version.


As a third-generation tablet of Amazon, Kindle Fire HD has a slim design and a little lighter than the “two brothers” Kindle Fire, size 193 x 137 x 10.3 mm and weight of 395 grams .Kindle Fire HD

The back edge of the soft rounded than angular designs of the two predecessor. The back is made of smooth plastic materials such as velvet, comfortable feeling while holding at the same time help prevent scratches effective when placed on hard surfaces. Dolby stereo speaker system of the Kindle Fire HD with 2 speakers on each side are also beautifully designed and the quality is quite impressive. This is also a prominent feature of the Kindle Fire HD than most tablets currently on the market, including Apple’s iPad. Tested in a slightly noisy environment, most people enjoy the Kindle Fire HD performances are “donated” plus speaker volume and quality of the models.

Amazon arranged between the camera horizontally on the front edge of the machine, while the headphone output 3.5 mm and the entire focus entirely physical buttons on the right side. This arrangement speaks discretion map design of the Amazon Kindle Fire HD offers slightly inclined to the functions of a tablet device than a traditional reading of the carrier. Also HD camera for video telephony needs, this model is equipped with a microphone placed at the top, just above the camera so that users can freely chat with friends and relatives.Kindle Fire HD 7 Inch

This layout seems reasonable to use the Kindle Fire HD to function as an entertainment tablet placed horizontally. However, when this equipment is used vertically as a reading device, the location of the camera, microphone and physical buttons seem to create a lot of inconvenience to users.

Complex physical buttons including the power button and volume up and down buttons of submersible located in the camera body, not emerging, sometimes hard hit, and must use resources more efficiently. In addition, increase or decrease the volume button does not have a specific sign that would cause confusion for new users.

The lower edge of the Kindle Fire HD with the microUSB port for charging and connecting to a computer. Oriented entertainment features should form the tablet is also equipped with port microHDMI to export images to the big screen.

Kindle Fire HD uses a 7-inch capacitive touch screen resolution of 1280 x 800 pixels. Quality of this IPS LCD screen is very sharp, true color, brightness, superior to most current 7-inch tablet. With the size and resolution of the screen of the Kindle Fire HD pixel density of 216 ppi, only losing the Retina screen of the iPad in 2012 is 264 ppi. The contrast of the screen is also quite high, can be used comfortably in outdoor conditions.

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