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Microsoft Products

Everyone familiar with Microsoft Products at least one because Microsoft Products are very user friendly to understand. It seems that Microsoft has never stopped to rest. software giant is constantly criticized, but if it were not for Microsoft, our life would not be the way it is with us – with modern computers, which we have long been considered a matter of course attribute this day.
last month when the company introduced its tablet Surface, many considered, But over the last few decades, Microsoft has released some great products, including devices, Best 10 Microsoft Products described here.

1.Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse

Microsoft Products : Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse

Arc Touch Mouse is an example of excellent design accessories Microsoft. Its arched form, convenient to use, “aligned” for storage and transportation.
Arc Mouse connects to a PC using Bluetooth-connection, has a long battery life and accurate scrolling. For his stylish Arc Touch has received many awards.

2.Flight Simulator

Have you ever wondered what the pilot of the plane? Microsoft came up with a way, enabling users to experience this amazing feeling of flying.
“Flight Simulator” – a series of programs that were positioned as a video game. According to Wikipedia, “Flight Simulator is one of the longest-running, best-known and most comprehensive home flight simulator software products on the market.”
By the year 2009 (the 25th anniversary of the game) “Flight Simulator” was the longest running software product in the Microsoft. “Flight Simulator” ahead of the appearance of Windows by three years.

3.Original Xbox

Microsoft Products : Microsoft XBox

The original Xbox game console has proven that Microsoft can create hardware for gamers.
Moreover, with exclusive titles like Halo, the original Xbox console gamers to use the service offered to Xbox Live, which allows players to play against each other on the Internet.
Today Xbox division became one of the most successful units in the Microsoft.

4.Windows 95

Windows 95 has been extremely successful. In the first five weeks were sold a record number of programs – 7 million copies. The main features of the 95’s “windows” was the appearance of the Start menu, taskbar, and buttons “minimize”, “develop” and “close” to each window.
in Windows 95 was integrated Internet support, network solutions Dial-Up and opportunities Plug and Play, which can easily install hardware and software.

5.Microsoft Exchange Server

Microsoft Exchange Server was released in April 1993. Since then, he became a champion in business. This product is a safe way to manage e-mail, calendars, and many others, used by millions of companies.
The main functions include management of Exchange Server e-mail, calendars, contacts, and tasks that work with Microsoft Outlook. Exchange Server also lets users wirelessly synchronize email, calendar, contacts with the main types of mobile devices and access to information through the browser.

6.Windows XP

To date, Windows XP, probably the most popular operating system Microsoft. OS was released in October 2001 and is still widely used.
64-bit version of Windows XP was the first operating system of Microsoft, which used a 64-bit processors are designed to handle large amounts of memory. XP given the opportunity to work on projects such as 3D animation, engineering and science programs.


There is controversy about MS DOS, because, in fact, Microsoft did not create the software, and the company acquired QDOS Seattle Computer Products and recycled it. So there were specially modified Microsoft QDOS for IBM personal computers and MS DOS.
first version of MS-DOS 1.0 was launched in 1982. The version that came with your computer IBM, called PC DOS. Although MS-DOS and PC DOS initially developed in parallel by Microsoft and IBM, in the future, these two products are “sold out.”

8.Microsoft Office

MS Office


Office is one of the most useful and popular products of Microsoft. In addition to being the perfect solution to enhance the performance of the PC, Office is very easy to develop and modifiable product.
Office continues to be the main office suite, because any attempt to “overthrow” Office means a declaration of war against the army of developers (as in the company, and third-party), who made his livelihood increased range of automation and integration API.

9.Windows 3.1

Windows 3.1 is a 16-bit operating system, which laid the foundations for the creation of modern operating systems.
Debuting in 1992, and version 3.1 is the first version of Windows, which has become widespread in the new PC.
appearance of Windows 3.1 marked the beginning of an era dominated by Microsoft and the “Golden century “Windows.
3.1 was completed by the program, selected a file manager, fonts True-Type, built-in screen savers, mini-games and a host of other new features.

10.Xbox 360/Kinect

Microsoft products : Microsoft-Xbox-360-or-Kinec

Xbox 360 is built on the success of the original Xbox. The new Xbox 360 was released to the market, where he immediately became a direct competitor to the PlayStation 3. As of April 2012 sold 67.2 million Xbox 360 consoles.
new game system features a large memory capacity, higher performance and use of wireless controllers.

So, is all these Microsoft Products are best? if you use Microsoft Products any one of these, please share your experience as your comments.


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