Microsoft’s New webmail with Wonderful Features

Microsofts Outlook

Goodbye Hotmail, Welcome

Microsoft announced this week that it called a unbelievable  Webmail ( webmail) service  whose features it said aim to meet the needs of modern times. “More changes happened in eight years, and we think it’ time for a fresh look at email – modern, connected, smart, powerful, and in control,” Microsoft’s Chris Jones said in a blog post. Chris Jones said that since the started of Hotmail in 1996, and Google Mail which brought many extraordinary features in 2004 – minimum things has changed in the way email services worked.

Email has become less and less useful as inbox’s become cluttered with newsletters and social updates, and people increasingly keep up their personal connections in social networks instead of their email address books, he noted.

Chris Jones said is a personal email service which all ready leading as a Mail client O-u-t-l-o-o-k , New Features is designed for Cloud , so all the mail hosts in Single location which is accesible always wherever the user is required.
Chris Jones also pointed out works as the first email service connected to social networking services like FB, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, and soon, Skype, “to bring relevant context and communications to user email.”

New Features

Unlimited Storage Space

Microsoft Outlook includes email storage that expands to provide you with as much storage space as you need. Your inbox capacity will automatically increase as you need more space.

Say goodbye to spam

Hotmail has reduced spam by 90%, helping you keep your inbox clear of unwanted messages.

It’s perfect for pictures

share hundreds of photos in a single mail with no attachments, thanks to Sky Drive and the cloud.

Facebook is built in

just connect your Facebook account and you can like, comment, and chat from Hotmail.

The inbox contains photos of the user’s friends, recent status updates and Tweets friends have shared. also has the feature to chat and video call, and has an always uptodate contact list that is connected to one’s social networks.

“And, of course, user can control of their experience – what they share, the networks they connect to, and their personal information,” Jones said.

Office Web Apps

He said Microsoft included free Office Web Apps — Word, PowerPoint, Excel and OneNote – which let a user view and edit attachments without leaving the inbox.

Sky Drive

He also said comes with SkyDrive, “so if you’re sending photos, documents, or just about any other file, you can now put them on SkyDrive and stop worrying about attachment limits.”

Setting up on devices

Jones said can be set up on smartphones and tablets on the Windows Phone, iOS, Android, and Blackberry platforms. — TJD, GMA News

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