New options on Facebook (Update)


Facebook new Options

A number of Facebook users noted the emergence of a new navigation bar that offers a search box next to the logo. Message and notify the network in this design are shifted to the right. Move search bar makes it more visible, and may indicate that the social network is going to draw more attention to their own users search. When users habitually look in the upper left corner, they see the search box. The design also emphasizes the search bar functionality, combining in a single line word «Facebook» and «Search».

In June, Facebook updated the search bar by adding the words “search for people, places and things,” and in July there was an option to search Webu that led users to a page of results Bing.


According to head of the network Mark Zuckerberg (Mark Zuckerberg) at TechCrunch Disrupt, search Facebook handles more than a billion queries daily despite the fact that the network does not position itself as a search company. “However, at some point we will come to that,” – he added, referring to the work on search technology.

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