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Offline Gmail

Gmail is the short form for Google Mail service, Gmail is one of the product of Google Inc. Google is the #1 Public Mail service which is using by millions of users around the world. Many users switched from other mail services like Yahoo, MSN because of the features, performance, and ability of the service. Google Introduced many extra features which are in beta mode or testing mode, still you can use those services by enabling them from the tab right side up corner.

Google’s latest lab feature for Mail service is Offline Gmail, to access your Gmail from your Computer, which is used to download all or some selected Mails from Gmail to your PC for Offline purpose. Still Google experimenting on Offline Gmail.

How to enable Offline Gmail?


Chrome Add-on for Offline Gmail

To access your Gmail without internet, just login in to your Gmail account then go to settings, select the tab offline, then you will find “Install Offline Gmail “ Install the Google Chrome add-on for Offline Gmail. Then click on Offline Gmail which is available in Chrome apps. Click on Gmail Offline icon to launch the Offline Gmail App & login to with Gmail credentials. You will find new look for your Gmail account. that’s it. You are done.

How to check your Offline Gmail?

To check your offline Gmail for your mails, just disconnect or disable Internet & open Offline Gmail app which is available in Chrome browser. Now you can see you all mails which are existed in your Gmail Account. Check your all mails without internet also. If you have Internet offline will open as your original Gmail account, Offline Gmail will work when you don’t have internet.Offline-Gmail-View

How Offline Gmail will help..?

If you are a laptop user or desktop user, always you can’t be with Internet. Whenever you don’t have internet o access to your mails, you can use Offline Gmail feature to access Mails. If you are in remote area, there you don’t have internet to browse your mails, there also you can access your mails with Offline Gmail.

Now, you can access your Gmail mail without internet also….

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